Episode 37: Living your best life in 2020

December 10, 2019

On this episode Kristen and Whitney are sharing their 4 tips for living your best life in 2020. They discuss four key things that will help you execute your goals in the new year.

They believe to live your best life you must:
  1. Understand yourself
  2. Find your tribe 
  3. Set good & reasonable boundaries 
  4. And be SMART with your goals.
Whitney and Kristen also worked on their personal goals for 2020.

Whitney's goals for 2020:
✖️Be more organized in life by using my calendar regularly
✖️Have household completely transitioned to clean products
✖️Watch less TV
✖️Find a church we call home
✖️ Watch TGL hit 100 episodes ( same as K)
✖️ 10 paid blog post & 10 paid sponsored IG posts.
✖️Date night once a month
✖️Read a book for fun every 3 months ( all I can manage)

Kristen's goals for 2020
1. Be better at time management.
2. Say no more (this is a constant goal).
3. 25 paid blog/instagram collaborations (for reference, last year I had 14).
4. Travel with Adam more (we're currently working on this one!)
5. Make space for me-time (better) and date nights.
6. Hit episode 100 of TGL! (We're on episode 37!)
7. Be a better friend, wife, mom, daughter, sister.
8. Spend more time in the Bible and less time on instagram
9. Stop comparing, start celebrating.
10. Start writing my book.

What are your goals for 2020? Share in the comments!

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