My Goals for 2020.

December 16, 2019

2019 was the year I learned to say no (better), not yet, I'm not ready, I don't have space for that, and this doesn't suit me. I learned how to give space to the things and people in my life that I really, really care about and I learned to say no (albeit soo hard) to the less important things and the people who didn't fill me up.

Let me explain.

I am a people pleaser. I'm an enneagram 9. I hate confrontation more than anything and as a result, I say yes a lot more than I should. But in 2019, I worked really hard on saying no more.

For me, no has a very negative connotation. In my mind, I've always thought no meant, I didn't care, I don't want too, or I don't like you. But in a lot of instances, it means, I do care, I really want too and I really like you. And that is why saying no is so hard.

This year, I turned down things that took up too much time. I said no to Junior League this year even though I love it. I stepped away from a bible study I loved but was taking really special time away from something else. We took less vacations to spend more time at home together. We spent lazy Sundays at home instead out at brunch. I broke up with a friend who I really love, but who's presence in my life right now was nothing but tiring and hurtful. I didn't overcommit, instead I committed to the stuff that really filled me up.

It's hard to say no! I hate feeling like I let people down or that I didn't show up for them.

In a way 2019 resembled my goals for 2016.

But you know what happened as a result of saying no to things. I had more time for some amazing things. I spent quality time with my family, found a bible study that fills my soul, spent time working hard at my job, had really quality time with my friends and I am finding that life, my family and the friends I surround myself with really does fill me right up.

2019 was a year that brought so much change, my first full year as a mom, working full time, as a podcast host, wanna be instagram influencer, blogger (when I find the time), all while balancing a husband, friends, and family. We all have so much going on and sometimes it's hard to balance, but I'm finding that if I'm intentional, I can make it work and find all the joy this very busy life has to offer.

2020 is going to be another super exciting year. I honestly cannot wait to see all the amazing things that come our way in 2020. As we prep for another busy year, it has me thinking about what my hopes are for 2020.

Since 2019 was the year of slowing down and being more intentional, I think 2020 is the year I go for it. This year my goal is to BE BOLD. I really wanna grab life by the reigns and jump for those dreams I've been talking about for a while and actually do them.

What does that mean? Blogging more, instagramming more, finding space for this space, jumping into opportunities I said no to last year, and really going for the things I've been dreaming of. I'm not going to be scared to jump at opportunities for fail of someone saying no, or they aren't interested.

Also, I'm going to stick to my saying no resolution and staying committed to being more intentional with my time. I'm going to be bold in my relationships, in my friendships, in my day-to-day, in my faith, in my convictions. Bold means showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

Here we go 2020. Let's do this.

Here is my quick 10 for 2020. 

1. Be better at time management.
2. Say no more (this is a constant goal)
3. 25 paid blog collaborations (for reference, last year I had 14).
4. Travel with Adam more (we're currently working on this one!)
5. Make space for me time (better)
6. Hit episode 100 of TGL! (We're on episode 37!)
7. Be a better friend, wife, mom, daughter, sister.
8. Spend more time in the Bible and less time on instagram
9. Stop comparing, start celebrating.
10. Listen better.

If you're curious about my past years resolutions, you can read them all here.

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