A Little Life Update

December 5, 2019

Holy cow friends, it's been ages. To be honest, life has felt too busy. Too busy in the very best way but still. Blogging used to come very natural to me. Words used to fall out of my mouth and topics came easily. But lately, it's felt the very opposite. But also, I've been craving the time needed to blog.

I'm trying to find the balance between being a mom, wife, podcast host, full time job, wanna be instagram influencer, helping with interior design for friends on the side, cooking dinner, etc. We all know the struggle. We all know life is busy and it sucks because this space has taken a full on back seat.

My life is very scheduled and my goal for 2020 is to schedule more time for The Everyday Grace.

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Quinnie Update: Quinnie is almost 15 months old! She's walking all over the place, chatting, babbling, saying mama, dada, Lola, nana, papa, please, toes (random, I know). She gets excited over everything, loves to eat, loves music, dancing, her dogs, and is sleeping like a champ. She's my favorite little human. I'm so obsessed with her, it's crazy.

In November, as most of you know, she went to the ER with croup, and it turned in to pneumonia. This sweet little babe can't catch a break. Luckily, we are 15 days past pneumonia and she is doing better than ever. Thank you for all your sweet calls and messages. She's on the mend :)

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Job Update: I'm still working from home. Things have been kind of all over the place, but we just redesigned our website and hopefully can share some fun things with you guys soon! Keep your fingers crossed guys! 

TGL Update: If you're new around here, I'm a podcast host with my best friend Whitney! We host This Girl Life Podcast. We believe that some of the best conversations, advice and encouragement come from a best friend. So we dive into some hot topics such as health/wellness, entrepreneurship, self empowerment and self love! Get ready for real, raw, unfiltered conversations with entrepreneurs, experts and influencers. You can listen to us on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Google Play! Check out our Instagram and website here! Also, if you click my TGL tab up top, you can check out all our episodes. 

The holidays: We spent 6 beautiful days in Arizona with my family. Sweet Quinnie decided she didn't want to sleep while she was in Arizona, probably because she was having too much fun, but other than that, we had a blast. We had so much Nana and Grandpa time, she just lights up around them. Plus, Quinn loves her big boy cousins, so it was extra special to spend so much extra time with her cousins, Aunt and Uncle.

We're heading to Omaha for Christmas for more family time with her other cousins and family. While we may not live where family is, we're blessed with the best, so traveling is part of our gig. What are you guys doing for the holidays?

Fun Things:
Favorite jams:

Favorite book: The Nightingale. Guys, my initial review of this book was not great I was 100 pages in and it was pretty slow. But omg friends, read this book. It's so incredible. I can honestly say it's changed me. Read it as soon as possible. 

Favorite TV Show: Adam and I just finished binge watching Billions and now we're watching Escape at Dannemora. Billions is incredible, you should watch it. Escape at Dannemora is about the New York prison escapees. It's honestly crazy. A little nuts to watch, but so dang good.

Favorite Blog: My girl Chelsea is just always speaking straight to my heart. Her blog and Instagram are places of pure JOY. Follow her now. The Girl Who Loved to Write

Favorite Quote: 

Alright kids, thanks for catching up with me! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are prepping for a beautiful Christmas. Tell me in the comments what's new with you! 

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