Happy Hump Day!

November 19, 2014

Happy Hump Day. Let's all be honest with ourselves; that talking camel commercial is hilarious. Sure, it might be overplayed as all Geico commercials are, but a talking camel, yelling hump day? Hilar.

Anyways, where was I?

Oh yes, Happy Hump Day! The weather is Colorado has been downright cold and snowy. But today we woke up and the news told us it would be 48 degrees!! People, this is huge news. So huge, I wore a short sleeve dress to work and no tights. It's basically summer. So I'm celebrating and I'm thankful for a little reprieve from the cold.

9 Things, right now, on Hump Day:
1. The Broncos. Say what you want, "They lost to the Rams" yeah, yeah, but I still love them. And, I'm going to my first Broncos game this weekend and I'm pumped. 
2. Nick Jonas - Jealous remix with a gospel choir. You can thank me later. Here's a link, go listen.
3. Some very exciting "blog" things are happening and I am excited! More to come on that later! 
4. Adam's best friend is coming in this weekend so that should make for a rowdy weekend! 
5. Thanksgiving is one week and one day away, hooray! I'm getting my stretchy pants out in preparation! Bring on the turkey, sides and pie! Oh and so much family time mixed with wine, what a perfect combination.  
6. 36 days until Christmas. 36 days!! 
7. Adam and I are going to the Denver Botanical Gardens tomorrow night to see the Chihuly Exhibit and I'm pumped. 
8. Steaming hot coffee. 
9. Pure Barre... I'm coming up on 100 classes and feeling the lift/tone/burn paying off. 

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