November 25, 2014

I don't do political posts. It's not in my nature. I know where/what/who I stand for and that's a personal thing to me. If you want to know, let's grab coffee and we can chat. My blog has always been a place of truth and honesty in most things, but politics is one area I choose not to blog about.

This is a mini-exception. In light of the Ferguson/Grand Jury decision last night, I've read and seen more comments and opinions than those during a Presidential campaign. Rightfully so, this moment in time is laced with the death of a boy, police, race issues and peoples desires to be heard and their feelings felt. It's hard to know how to (re)act. My hope for the city of Ferguson is peace. My hope for the Brown family is peace. Regardless of where you fall on this large political spectrum, I hope you praying (or hoping, or however you do it) for peace to overcome Ferguson and the people who live there. Regardless of what you believe, this rocked our country and rocked this town. It's so big. And, I think most people don't know what to do or how to feel. I'm one of those people. But in this moment, I will pray for Ferguson and for the Brown family, because God is bigger than all of this, and He's the one who will give them the peace they're so desperately looking for.

My friend shared with me something she read today and it struck me, "One boy died, one man's life is ruined and the hateful comments regardless of your views are shocking" I hope we can remember that as we move forward. This is big.

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