Thankful Day 3

November 27, 2014

This one is easy for me because I truly have the greatest friends in the world. I've been lucky to live in a lot of different places and because of that, I have friends from lots of different places. People always say quality is better than quantity and I agree, I guess I'm just lucky enough to have both :) I feel so lucky to have this large group of woman in my life. They've been my rocks, they keep me grounded, they're all hilarious, gorgeous, smart, compassionate and wonderful. #blessed.

My friend group gets thrown back to high school/junior high. Yes, I'm 20-something years old and I'm still best friends with my friends from high school, how cool is that?! Two of them are my maids of honor and another one is a bridesmaid (and I was her MOH!). They loved me through my awkward high-school years, which wasn't pretty people, so that is saying a lot. They're the greatest humans.

My mom always told me the friends I made in college would be my best friends for life. Boy was she right. In college, I met some amazing girlfriends who became my roommates, sorority sisters and law school comrades. We grew up together. They're the girls who saw me at my best and worst. I'm so lucky to have them.

Next, guest to law school. And what figures, I found 3 more girls who complete the circle. Law school would have been unbearable without these girls. They were my study group, my wine drinkers, TIVO watchers and friends. If you can get through law school and all the stress and crap it brings, along with multiple bar exams and come out with friends, hold on to them, because I haven't found anything more challenging and friends are a necessity. I'm so grateful for them.

Lastly, I'm lucky to have sisters as friends. When my brother married Camila I instantly gained three incredible ladies to call my family. And when I marry Adam I will have two more sisters to officially add to that group. They're all so strong, smart, independent and amazing. 5 sisters? How'd I get so lucky.

I know this sounds braggy and oh my gosh my friends are great but hey, they are, and I'm thankful for them. They've made me a stronger, better version of who I am. Who are you grateful for?

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