Thankful Day 1.

November 24, 2014

Hello blogworld, sorry for the lack of blogging! Things are changing over here at Everyday Grace and I've been working on all that fun stuff. But have no fear, I'm back! One exciting change, is my domain name is officially changed. Now when you want to read my daily musings you can go to We're making moves people and it's exciting! I have an official Facebook page (feel free to head on over and like it!) and a Google+ account! Let's be friends everywhere! Okay, enough blog promotion.

Since Thanksgiving is 4 days away (hooray!), every day this week, I'm going to blog about what I'm thankful for. Since I'm late to the game, I'm going to do it all this week, through Sunday. Let's be real, 7 days isn't enough to come close to all the things I'm thankful for, but I'll come close.

#1: Adam, weekends & the Denver Broncos. 
This week we we're lucky enough to get to go to our first Broncos game! It was freezing cold and snowing occasionally, but it was so fun! We tailgated, drank some beers and watched our team win! I'm thankful for Adam always, but the chance to go to the Broncos game with him was the cherry on top of a great weekend.

Right before the game, Go Broncos! 
My favorite part, the National Anthem. 
I told you it was cold. 
so thankful for Adam & the Broncos.  

What are you thankful for this year?

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