Thursdays Thoughts.

December 11, 2014

Happy Thursday! Hooray, only one more day until the weekend! I can't wait! Here are some ramblings from today....

1. Last Saturday I went skiing for the first time in 5 years, didn't fall, had a blast and cant wait to go back. I just wish I could be like the 6 year olds who fly down the mountain instead of being the grandma skiier that I am, oh well. At least I can pose for pictures.

2. I'm very excited to share that this Saturday I will be featured on But First, Coffee. Kallie is so sweet and her blog is one of my favorites. You definitely should start reading her blog and check me out on Saturday!

3. Did you all watch the Victoria Secret Fashion show? Did you eat pizza while watching? I for one, love the fashion show. It's like watching a movie about people that aren't real. I mean, seriously, how can one be so beautiful and thin and walk in 400 pound wings while not falling over. It's not real life people, but I love to watch.

4. Did you know that Christmas is in 14 days. 2 weeks. Have you started shopping? I'm not even close to being done, but still, 2 weeks! I better get moving.

5. Why isn't it Friday yet?

6. Have you guys heard Sam Smith's version of "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas?" Oh, you haven't, don't worry, here's a link to it. Enjoy! I currently have it on repeat in my office.

7. My (future) mother in law recommended this coconut milk vanilla creamer to me and it is heavenly. It's not 100% paleo, but I'm really enjoying having some flavor in my coffee. It makes my mornings so much more enjoyable. You should try it.

8. I'm going to try and make these apple cider moscow mules tonight and I'm super excited. They're from Sugar and Charm (such a cute blog, you should go read it now!) I'll let you know how they taste!
(picture from Sugar and Charm)

Happy Thursday everyone! 
I hope your day is lovely and your weekend is even better! 

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