2014 Year in Review!

December 31, 2014

Happy New Years Eve everyone. I hope you're getting ready for something sparkly and fabulous or following my lead and staying in, watching Netflix and ordering in pizza. 2014 has been one of my favorite years yet. A lot of changes, happiness, sadness and some of the most amazing memories. This is going to be a long post, so if you need something quick, I suggest looking at the Skimm, it will be shorter than today. I hope the rest of you enjoy! 

January: Can I be honest? January was kind of a blur. We were still living in Omaha, the weather was cold and dreary and the only real thing I can remember is that Henry had knee surgery. Oh, and I was studying for the February bar exam. That's why January flew by with nothing exciting. 

February: February, along with my two best friends, ventured up to Des Moines, Iowa to take the bar exam in a blizzard. More on that later, but turns out February was a pretty good month. I also saw Justin Timberlake in concert. Woah.

March: March was bitter sweet, it's when Adam and I found out that we would be moving to Denver! My mom and I ventured off to Denver in search of apartments. Also, Lynds and I saw Lady Antebellum, and they were amazing! Can you tell I love concerts? 

April: I passed the bar exam and got sworn in! Hooray! Of of my favorite couple days of celebration! Adam and I celebrated Easter with his family, had some amazing going away parties and officially moved to Denver.

May: May was our first full month in Denver and we experienced all the weather it had to offer, blizzards & tornadoes! We spend Memorial Day in Arizona with the family and celebrating the wedding of our great friends. Are you bored yet? Cuz I'm loving reliving these moments :) 

June: June was my most favorite month by far this year. Adam and I got engaged. Some other things happened too (like my birthday), but this was the best even ever and I think it deserves its own month. June was the month I said yes and it was the best decision I've ever made. 

July: July was a great vacation month for us, Omaha for the 4th and Tahoe later on with our family. It was so fun getting to spend the summer on the water with our friends and family. And Adam celebrated his birthday! 

August: When I think of August, I think of the revamp of this blog, engagement parties, wedding dresses and my handsome little nephew Tomas being born. It was such an overwhelming month in such a good way. 

September: I started my first job in Denver! Oh what a delicious 5 months its been! This getting paid regularly thing is quite nice. (Only 3 more months to go!)

October: Breckenridge vacations, engagement pictures, bridal showers and snuggles with my nephew. October rocked. 

November: November I celebrated 4 years with Adam, 3 months with my nephew Tomas, my first Broncos game and my first Thanksgiving with Adams family. So many wonderful things to celebrate! 

December: Christmas, baptisms and New Years. What a great month, what a great year. 

2014 was definitely one for the record books. I cannot wait to see how 2015 tops it. Tonight I will be cheersing to the memories and to the ones we have yet to make. Let's do this 2015. 
Happy New Years everyone! 

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