Guilty Pleasure

December 3, 2014

Happy Wednesday everyone! I don't know about all of you, but this week is crawling for me. Maybe it's because we're going skiing this weekend, or maybe because last week was a holiday, I don't know, but I'm excited it's Wednesday! 

Okay, on to the guilty pleasure. So, I love TV. I know, who doesn't right? But I especially love all singing shows. You're right, this is so embarrassing and trust me I get made fun of for it, but that's why it's my guilty pleasure! I've been watching American Idol since 8th grade and haven't missed a season yet. I love the Voice, America's Got Talent (really only the singers), I even love that accapella show Nick Lachey used to host over the holidays. 

Well Monday night on The Voice all the contestants sang Nick Jonas' new song, Jealous. Oh yeah, my other guilty pleasure? Boy Bands. If you haven't heard Nick Jonas' song you're in luck, it's below :) But seriously, you'll love this. (Old) Boy Bander + The Voice + Gospel choir? This week is turning around! Happy Wednesday people, I hope you enjoy this little treat. 

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