Bar Carts are fun!

March 4, 2015

When Adam and I first moved in together, one of the first pieces of furniture we bought was a bar cart. Adam has an affinity for a good cocktail and I love a good glass of wine. Plus entertaining when you can make drinks from a bar cart always seems cooler. When we moved to Denver our house was downsized a bit, so our bar cart has been repurposed for both storage and entertainment purposes. We got our bar cart from West Elm and most of the stuff on it from our wedding registries! I'd love to see how you decorate your bar carts, please share your pictures!

I don't think we have enough alcohol...
Plus you have to love The Henry coasters from a great bar in Scottsdale. 
 The bottom rack is all our delicious wine & champs, including  our glasses (remember, lack of storage). A lot of our glasses our in storage, so we kept some out for guests.
What's a bar cart without Moscow Mule cups.
We received the decanter, pitcher and wood platter from our registry. 
Most of our wedding gifts are being stored, but we selected some of our favs to keep out. 
Birds-eye view. 
We love card games with our friends so that's a necessity. 
Also, the green muddler I got while studying abroad in Italy. It's the little things. 
The towel on the end was hand-stitched by Adam's grandma. 
The bowl includes wine plugs, corkscrews & matches


  1. I love bar carts in homes that appeal to it. We have a built in ugly bar. I'd love to tear it down and get ones of these.

  2. When my little one is old enough to not grab everything off carts... I totally want a bar cart. Right now everything is hiding in cupboards!

  3. I love that decanter! So pretty. We have all of our 'bar' stuff in our dining room side table with the glassware on some shelves above. I love having a home bar!

  4. oh i love bar carts!! i want to make one with industrial wheels and use it for our printer! =)

  5. I cannot wait to get a bar cart! I love how yours looks!

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I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen