The Bachelor: Season 19: Woman Tell All.

March 3, 2015

It's that time, Bachelor Tuesday! Can you believe we're almost at the end! I told you who I thought was gonna win last week, and now, only one more week until we find out! Girls Tell All is always one of my favorite episodes. The girls spill all the juicy secrets, Chris shows up and talks about how in love he is and we get to watch an extended trailer of the final episode. Here are my favorite secrets/thoughts/moments from Woman Tell All. 
  • Wait, Jillian and Britt were best friends in the house? 
  • Britt thanked the audience when she was crying. She thanked them. Oh, and did she make it clear enough that she does in fact like kids and wants kids eventually. 
  • Britt shouldn't move to Iowa, she needs to stay an actress, her crying is on point. 
  • If anyone missed last night, Kelsey is still nuts. And I'm pretty sure she was reading a script. But hey, the gold accessories and the green wrap dress was pretty on point. 
  • Did any of the girls actually like Kelsey? Usually there is one girl who always stands up for the underdog, but nope, not this time. 
  • Carly filled in her eyebrows. 
  • Ashley has to be screwing with us, but her Louboutins are incredible. Oh, and when does Bachelor in Paradise start? 
  • Jade is sweet and vulnerable and stuff but did anyone actually pick her as the winner? We all knew Chris wasn't comfortable with nudes in Iowa. 
  • Kaitlyn's white crop top outfit is the best. Reason #1 she should be the next Bachelorette. 
  • Watching Katilyn watch herself go home was heartbreaking. But hey, Kaitlyn, keep rocking that side bun that you had in Bali. Reason #2 for Bachelorette
  • Did everyone see Britt cry when Chris walked out? DID YOU SEE IT?! Actress in training. 
  • Britt goes up to sit with Chris, Katilyn does not... Reason #3. 
  • Chris Harrison's shameless book plug. I have no words. Too much. Reason #4 (?). 
Alright everyone, here it is, the final vote! Who do you think wins, Whitney or Becca. 

My reaction to everything Ashley S. 
Watching Kaitlyn watch this scene was heartbreaking. 
PS. Does anyone else think she should be the next bachelorette? 


  1. I think she would be a great Bachelorette. I wish Chris let them ask Kelsey questions but they didn't really let them at her. Boo. She was so scripted and controlled it was weird. Britt is totally hoping to be on TV movie, cue scene.

  2. She would be the perfect bachelorette!!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen