Crestwood Summer Camp!

March 30, 2015

I've told you once, twice and probably a thousand times that my brother married the best human. And along with her, she brought two more sisters into my life. They're all amazing, inspiring, ambitious, strong. I could go on and on about my three gorgeous sisters, but this post is about Juliana, my heart. 

Juliana is a teacher at a Crestwood Elementary in Las Vegas. What's she's done for that school is absolutely incredible. She's started this incredible garden at her school, allowing for kids to learn how to plant, grow and sustain their own food. That's just one of the many amazing things Juli has done for her school. 

I'm pretty sure this next endeavor is the best one yet. Juliana is trying to raise money for a summer program for the kids. Here are some amazing reasons (spoken from Juli) about why a summer program would be great for her kids. 
  1. They will be active! Students will be gardening outside and playing a lot of games. Typically, students from our school do not get to play outside during the summer because it's too hot and our community neighborhood lacks safe parks. This means students stay inside watching TV or playing video games. 
  2. Students will get two meals each day. Most of the students in our school get Free or Reduced Lunch during the school year. During the summer, this program will ensure they are eating two healthy meals. Another great detail is that the students will be cooking their own lunch from fruits and vegetables from our garden. We will have a teacher that focuses solely on teaching them cooking techniques, food safety, nutrition, and food waste reduction. 
  3. Science and art! In the typical school day, students do not get enough time to develop skills necessary to master science concepts.  Often,, hands on observation and experience is missing from classroom instruction. Art and creativity are also hard to find within an indoor classroom. To counter that, the summer program will focus heavily on engaging students in science and art to foster observation, engineering, and leadership skills. 
  4. We have scientists from around the city teaching students about gardening and plant health so that next year, the students will be able to take a role in planning the garden planting.
  5. Social Responsibility! Students will have plentiful opportunities to engage and practice social responsibility. This will include subjects like food justice, food access, nutrition and health, pollution, animal preservation, etc.
If you're interested in helping Juli, her kids or her school, I'd be forever grateful as will all those  amazing kids. Here are some other helpful points! 
  • Sponsoring a student would $382.50
  • We are going to produce a written curriculum with all the elements needed to replicate the summer program at other schools with gardens. We are going to share that curriculum free of charge. 
  • We are the 1st in our district to start a summer program like this one 
Here is the crowdfunding link: and the great thing about this crowdfunding is that we get to keep 100% of donations (we aren't charged for transactions or a % for not meeting our goal.)


  1. This is so awesome! What a beautiful heart for the community to have, your sister is an amazing person.

  2. That's a wonderful cause! What a big heart your sis in love has :-).


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