The Bachelor: Season 19: It's Over! 20 Thoughts while watching The Bachelor!

March 10, 2015

This whole post is full of SPOILER ALERTS - beware. 

Final night of The Bachelor! Here we go ladies and gents (I'm pretty sure the gents aren't reading these posts)! I'm throwing it back to the original Bachelor post idea. Here are my 20 Thoughts I had while watching the (season finale) of The Bachelor and After the Final Rose. Yes. Ps. I wrote this as I was watching, so the first thought might be outdated by the last, bear with me. Lets do this.
  1. Chris, why are you stumbling when talking about why you like Becca? Oh, cuz you don't know why you like her either. Neither do I. 
  2. Whitney, your dress is super short but I like it. 
  3. Dear Becca, you are a bore. Why is your forehead so tight? Ps. Your blue eyes are gorg. Love you, mean it. 
  4. Ps. I was expecting more flannel. 
  5. Gary is the man. (Ps. thats Chris' dad). Gary calling Becca, risky man. 
  6. Chris, how many times does Becca have to tell you that she is not ready to move to Arlington? Or that she's not in love? Or that she's not ready? COME ON. <cue the slug of wine> 
  7. I'm team Whitney. Especially after her day in Arlington. 
  8. Chris, I see your smirk. I'm not sure if you're authentic. 
  9. I'm pretty sure I registered for those lanterns at Pottery Barn. 
  10. Did ABC or Bachelor not have enough money to heat the barn? Seeing Chris' breath at a rose ceremony is so not romantic. 
  11. Becca goes home and we still have 15 minutes left, I feel like something is going to happen. 
  12. Becca, where are your emotions? Girls went home day 2 and cried harder. I'm confused. 
  13. Thank god he proposed. Chris Harrison was making me think it might not happen. 
  14. That damn dolphin giggle. 
  15. Becca, you looked great on After the Final Rose. 
  16. Whitney taking the higher road in not watching the show and then Chris Harrison bringing up everything she missed
  17. Oh man, Chris' parents, they are adorable. 
  18. I don't understand the fascination with Jimmy Kimmel. What am I missing? 
  19. Britt & Kaitlyn?! The men decide who's wife material?? This is crazy.
  20. Team Kaitlyn. 
thank god he made a decision
Whitney = winner. 
It's official because they're a magazine cover now. 


  1. Love this! So wish I had done a post like this! I am so glad he picked Whitney! I was team Whitney since they crashed that wedding!

  2. So, I always mean to watch the Bachelor, but never get around to it. I feel kind of out of the loop because I don't. Your list has inspired me! I watched a little bit of the last Bachelorette because I knew one of the bachelors and he made it pretty far. She ended up marrying another guy that I knew (the world is SO small), but I'd like to try watching it where the guy was choosing the girl.

  3. I am so glad it was Whitney! I am not sure I like the whole 2 girls for Bachelorette, wish it was just Kaitlyn, she is hilarious!

  4. Ugh, this show. Like, how can women be okay with dating the same guy on national TV while he simultaneously dates a bajillion other women? I'd be out of there in a flash!

  5. Pahahaha you're hilarious. So true - all of it! I'm so team Whitney.

  6. OMG! I love this post. I thought Whitney was going to win, but I soaked up every minute of it last night. I am team Kaitlyn too!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  7. This is great. I'm so glad he picked Whitney. I think Becca is adorable but so not ready for marriage and babies and Chris is.


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