Weekend recap + Friday Favorites!

May 1, 2015

Happy Friday everyone and Happy May! Today is such an exciting Friday for me because it's my last day of work before my wedding! Officially 8 days away! Last weekend I was in Vegas for my bachelorette party and needless to say, I wasn't feeling too hot this week. So please excuse my lack of posts. After a quick visit to urgent care, a negative strep test, I was out the door with some antibiotics and on my way to health! But... this is by far, my most favorite weekend recap ever. I got to spend 3 days with my gorgeous friends (wait until you see the pictures!), sisters, all who happen to be my bridesmaids. It was so fun spending time with my best friends, I feel so lucky to have these beautiful ladies with me in life, vegas and at my wedding. Picture time!

 1. it's my bach, cheers! 2. my b. 3. dancing the night away with lynds 
4. my fabulous friends and bridesmaids 5. b, lys and lynds 
6. champs always 7. Coti and whit 8. kate 9. juli, cami and nati 

And, because it's Friday, here are some of my favorite things from this week.

Happy Friday everyone! Make it great! 


  1. Looks like you had a blast inVegas!! Happy Almost wedding day!

  2. Happy wedding countdown! It looks like you had a great time in Vegas at your batchlorette, and the white dress you wore is gorgeous!


  3. Oh my gosh, I was living vicariously through your party pics on IG too! Congrats!! Enjoy every moment and I hope you feel 100% better soon! xo


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