Top 10 Songs from 2005.

May 27, 2015

Tomorrow I'm doing a really fun weekend recap. 
(1) My best friend got MARRIED!! 
(2) I went to my 10-year high school reunion. 

How is that even possible?? I still feel like nice little 18 year old girl getting ready for the big bad world. Now, here I am 27, married and it just doesn't seem possible! In preparation for my 10-year reunion post, here are the top 10 songs from 2005. Doesn't it seem like music "back then" was so much better than it is now?

I mean, 1, 2 step? I'm pretty sure that was my prom theme song. 
Don't cha... basically sung by every girl around the country on repeat. 
Since you Been Gone. Yes. 

I love 'oldies' but these top 10 are pretty damn good. I also think this was back when Kayne was still a good person and not the mic-stealing human he is today. Does anyone else miss 50 cent like I do? Thank goodness the Pussycat Dolls broke up though, even though their songs were catchy, I think we can all agree we're better off without :) 

Anyways, enough of my reminiscing... here's the list... and here's my favorite from that list. 

1Mariah CareyWe Belong Together
2Gwen StefaniHollaback Girl
3MarioLet Me Love You
4Kelly ClarksonSince U Been Gone
5Ciara feat. Missy Elliott1, 2 Step
6Kanye West feat. Jamie FoxxGold Digger
7Green DayBoulevard Of Broken Dreams
850 Cent feat. OliviaCandy Shop
9Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta RhymesDon't Cha
10Kelly ClarksonBehind These Hazel Eyes


  1. Oh yes! I loved me some Kelly Clarkson in 2005 :) Great list!

  2. Geez a lot of those songs don't seem that old! How has it been 10 years?? My reunion is coming up next year, ahhh can't believe it!

  3. Great list! I enjoy listening to early 2000's music SO much more than anything now (besides Taylor Swift of course!), you should checkout the Throw Back Thursday station on Spotify, they bring back the best stuff every week!

  4. OH man, on #tbt station on Spotify, I am always taken back to my high school years. I also LOVE listening to the Mariah Carey songs, so good!


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