Flashback Friday!

May 8, 2015

PS this is purely a picture post. If you're not interested in the musings of a 10 twenty-soemthing-year olds cruising vegas, you might wanna move along.... Some pics from my bachelorette party in vegas, because I could reminisce about it forever and because today is my Rehearsal Dinner and anything involving my bridesmaids is good for my soul!

the gorgeous group. 
because dancing in vegas with your best friend and MOH is just what you do
the shirts my MOH's made that we rocked in Vegas "Champagne and Besties" always.
thunder from down under and veils. 
because life is sweeter with your best friends by your side. 
sisters are the best, especially mine. 
vegas is funny. 
cheers and thanks to the best MOH's and bests for the best vegas trip ever, champs, and matching shirts 

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