400 Days until I'm 30.

May 4, 2016

I'm going to be 30 in 400 days. 30. Thirty. 29 years and 365 days.

Sure on paper 400 days looks like a long time. Most of you are probably thinking, shoot, you're not even 29 yet. But in reality it's less than a year and a half away. Less than a year and a half until I'm not longer "in my twenties."

Needless to say I'm not coping well with 30 lurking just around the corner. I like being in my twenties. For one, I can tell people I'm still in my twenties. I can still lose weight easily. I'm not super wrinkly, things aren't drooping yet and I really am enjoying this 28th year of mine.

When I was younger, let's say 23, I had huge plans for 30 years of age. Married (check!), kids (no check), professional blogger (no check), house (check!), 28 dogs (no check, your welcome Henry) and so many other goals.

Sure, I could probably accomplish some of these things before thirty (sorry mom, probably not kids) but it's just a reminder that I haven't hit the goals I had as a young little tyke.

Bring in my twenties was so damn fantastic. I was in college, I was in law school. I drank. I smoked (only in Italy - you have too), I fell in like, fell out of like. Found my big love. I danced on bars. I went to Vegas a lot, I traveled, I wore really bad outfits and some really good ones. I bought the shoes and the purses and the sunglasses. I got married. I bought a house. I moved 4 times. I got fired. I made friends, lost friends and just moved on. I broke bones and hearts. I lost. I won. I had the best effing time.

But ya know what, I have a year and a half left and this is just a reminder to make the damn most of the best decade of life thus far. While my dancing on bars stage is probably over, whomp whomp, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop drinking wine, start doing yoga (just cant) and acting any more my age than before.

I totally plan on being a bad ass 30-year old woman, going to Pure Barre and still wearing fur (faux) and the good heels. I'm going to shop at Whole Foods, buy the pretty flowers in brown wrapping and pretend to be a grown up. Shoot, 30 sounds awesome.

But, while we're at it - let's turn those lemons into a vodka soda and celebrate while we can. And what makes celebrating even better? Creating a list. 

If you know me at all, you know that making lists and crossing things off that list give me as much joy as still being in my 20's does. There's a lot to be done before I hit that next decade - I better get started.

30 before 30 bucket list:
  1. Write a book or at least get it in the works.
  2. Have a few drunken nights where I wake up in the morning with a hangover and declare, out-loud to Adam that I better enjoy this now because when I'm 30, the hangovers will be worse. 
  3. Do a photo-shoot for the blog (any takers?). 
  4. Keep pushing this blog to be bigger and better because before I know it I'm going to be writing about getting old products and babies.
  5. Buy a really trendy outfit from Forever 21 that I'll probably only wear once since I'm pretty sure when I hit the big 3-0, a store with 21 in the title no longer applies to me. 
  6. Get another dog. Sorry Henry. And probably buy the new dog on a whim one Saturday afternoon when Adam and I are bored.
  7. Learn how to manage my hangry-ness. Sometimes I just forget to eat and then before you know it I'm lashing out at Adam because he made the bed. At least he loves me when I'm hangry.
  8. Go on a fabulous trip with Adam and not worry that we're spending too much money by staying somewhere fabulous. Because once we hit 30, we're going to have to be responsible and save for our future.
  9. Buy a new fridge. Don't judge me, it's my list. And just watch out, when I'm 30 I'll be buying things like ovens and buffets for the dining room. 
  10. Learn to like cake. This is a weird one I know, but it makes other peoples birthdays really awkward when I pass on cake and you hear the gasps from people who just cant belive you don't like cake.
  11. Host a really fabulous dinner party with all of my friends where we pretend like we're adults, but when 11pm hits we start playing card games and get a little too drunk for people in their late-20s and said friends end up crashing in my guest room #adult. 
  12. Get back to skiing comfortably and not fall. Or if I fall, don't break anything.
  13. Write for the Huffington Post. At least once.
  14. Learn how to speak a foreign language. When I was in my twenties, I learned a little Italian which isn't super convenient since no-one speaks Italian in the states. Time to learn Spanish. Me llamo Kristen.
  15. Get blog sponsored for one of those adult sponsorship, like tampons or pads or vacuums. "Ever since I got old, I pee when I laugh." That's how I'll know I made it to adult blogging. 
  16. Stop watching Disney Channel. Guys, I can't help it, I love Girl Meets World. Old school nostalgia is my thing.
  17. Go to Vegas. I feel like I need one last trip of craziness. 
  18. Watch all those classic movies I never want to watch but know I should. Like Gladiator. Is that a classic? Regardless, I should watch it, that way I'm well rounded when I turn 30. 
  19. Learn to like beets. I feel like adults like beets. They just give me the heebie jeebies. I was in San Diego this weekend and some people ordered a beet salad and all I kept thinking was why would you want a slimy purple veggie instead of this blue cheese wedge? 
  20. Figure out how to wake up in the morning without taking at least 45 minutes of being angry. It's legit a daily struggle and one day when there are babies in the picture, 5 minutes of morning angriness will not be allowed, let alone 45. 
  21. Go to a concert at Red Rocks. I haven't been to one since John Legend. That is just too long ago. Who wants to go to Eric Church this weekend?
  22. Start wearing lipstick, My mom is always telling me I look too pale or washed out. Sorry, but I LOVE chapstick. It's the bomb.com. (I should probably add stop saying bomb.com to my #adult list). 
  23. Stop being obsessed with how many likes my Instagram pictures get or how many followers I have. I cant help it. PS follow me here ----> Kgrace01 -- come on you knew that was coming.
  24. Get my house totally furnished. I still have two empty bedrooms, a basement and a dining room. I better add win the lottery to this list too. 
  25. Keep my plants alive. I'm semi-okay at this, but usually my mom or Adams mom comes to visit and fixes my plants. I need to get better at all of that, especially if I'm going to have kids one day. 
  26. Get to 300 Pure Barre classes. I'm chugging along. I have right around 175. So 125 classes in 400 days should be a breeze right? I'll keep you posted on this goal.
  27. Wedding weight, wedding weight, wedding weight. 
  28. Learn to play golf. Adam is really good at golf, like really, really good. I think it would be so fun to be good at golf. Plus it seems like something an adult should know how to do. That way I can schmooze and golf. 
  29. Go sailing. Like actually sailing. Not just me drinking champs on the boat. I want to learn how to sail and actually do it. 
  30. Have fun. Hey, my twenties were and are the best years of my life so far. I'm pumped to see how 30 tops them. 
Whats on your 30 before 30 list? Wanna join me on any of these adventures? I'm totally open to takers! I'll see ya in about 6 months when I update you on my 30 before 30 bucket list progress. Wish me luck! 

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  1. Aw man, wish I lived nearby...I would totally be down for a blog photo-shoot!

  2. I promise you girl, your 30s will be the best years of your life!! I love the bucket list! Red Rocks is on my list and I'm right there with you Pure Barre >>>>> yoga! Haha

  3. I was 30 on Sunday. I'm still undecided how I feel about it (apart from old).

  4. Your bucket list is awesome! Get it girl!

  5. Love your bucket list and your sense of humour!

  6. I'll be 30 next year and I'm already bringing out my bucket list I made when I was 20. It's going to be fascinating to see how much I've accomplished (or not checked off) from it. Here is to 30!

  7. No. 15 is so great. #bloggoals


  8. No. 15 is so great. #bloggoals



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