Here's to remembering.

May 31, 2016

Sadness is a profound emotion.

It's the beating in your chest that is so loud you can hear it. It's tears that pour out of your eyes when you least expect it. It's the feeling that someone is standing on your heart.

Sadness is profound. Sadness is what happens when someone you love passes.

When the phone rings at 3am, it's rarely a good call. Last Wednesday night, my husband lost his grandfather. That night I saw my very strong husband cry.

I met Orin 8 months after Adam and I started dating. It was Adam's oldest sisters wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding. It was Adam and my first real event together as a couple. We were dancing the night away. I looked over and saw Orin sitting at his table watching the happy couples dance. I went over and little did Adam know he had lost his dance partner for the night. I danced with Orin.

Every family wedding after that, I danced with Orin. It was the highlight.

Orin was a father, husband, grandfather, great-grandfather and dance partner. I feel so lucky to have married into such an amazing family.

This weekend we ventured back to Omaha to celebrate his life, I will always remember him and how much he meant to my husband, my in-laws and me.

He is to be celebrated.

Today is he dancing in Heaven with his lovely wife. Today, while we may be mourning him, we will be celebrating his life, because he lived a life worth celebrating.
This ones dedicated to all those family members that left us too soon. Grandpa Orin, Grandpa Horst, Grandma Grace, Grandma Pat, Grandma Jack. And all the others. 
Sadness is profound, but remembering someone, loving someone is even more profound.

Here's to remembering. 

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  1. <3 So, so sorry for the loss of such an important person in yours & Adam's life. Cheers to Orin today!

  2. Very nicely said Kristen...All those wonderful grandparents we lost are in heaven dancing and celebrating together!


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