The Bachelorette; Season 12: Episode 1 -- Queen JoJo.

May 24, 2016

It's finally here. JoJo is the Bachelorette and I think it's safe to say she's the hottest bachelorette ever. ABC has been doing a much better job picking their front-runner. Ever since Juan Pablo, they've figured it out. They had a minor mis-step with Chris Soules, the farmer, but ever since then, we're doing good. JoJo rocks, why?
  1. She's so beautiful. 
  2. She's very honest and no bullshit. 
  3. She's excited.
  4. She seems to actually be looking for love. 

This year is going to be super exciting. First, we're doing a bracket! My friend over at Jeans and a Tank top created an epic Bachelorette bracket. I posted it below and plan on filling one out and making Adam fill one out (he doesn't know that yet).

Make sure you let me know in the comments if you're playing along! This is the honor system people - I'm trusting you! At the end of the season, there will be a prize because I love prizes! 

So, fill your bracket out AFTER the show tonight and don't forgot to fill it in after every show! If you want more rules, check out Jeans and a Tank Top

Remember Adam's quotes/opinions are in italics! Hey, there is no cheating here. That means no reality steve or any other website that gives away the winner. I promise to blog as I watch and not fill in later and/or use a site that cheats. 

Okay, now that we know JoJo is the best bachelorette -- let's talk about the men. 
  1. Jordan: Besides from the fact that he's Aaron Rodgers brother, I think he's a front runner. Attractive and looking for love. He's my pick for one of the top three. She's attracted to him - whoo!
  2. James: His profession is a bachelor super-fan? He's got no chance. 
  3. Evan: Nope. The ED guy. I just can't. 
  4. Grant: Your blue suit is good. And good pick up line. 
  5. Robby: The wine was genius. Done. 
  6. Alex: You could seeeeee the nerves on him. And, he's tiny. Not that thats bad, but get a drink buddy and shake off those nerves. 
  7. Chad: You've got to learn more words than hey. 
  8. The Canadian (Daniel): Yikes. Saying "keep it cool the first night" mayyyy be his last words.
  9. James Taylor: The singer. He has such a twang in his voice, he even gave JoJo a twang. 
  10. Santa. why are people so dumb. Who doesn't love Santa and who doesn't love gifts. Jojo, preach it girl. 
  11. Chase: Yes. He's my pick for top three. 
  12. Coley: No. No. 
  13. Brandon: A hipster is not a profession. Try again. 
  14. The guy who brought All for One (Wells): I used to steal this album from my brother. That song is my jam.
  15. Christian: He doesn't go far, but he's sweet. 
  16. Luke: On the unicorn and from Texas with big straight teeth. He's my other pick for top three. 
On to the first night: 
  • Jordan, you are a dream. She adores him. Props for you Jordan, for NOT bringing up your brother. SCORE. JoJo wants to kiss him soo bad. 
  • Will, JoJo did not want that to be her first kiss. 
  • Jordan is coming back for the kiss! She is so into him. 
  • Jojo is so beautiful, I cannot handle it. That dress. 
  • The Santa is a joke. Remember that guy a while back that wore the mask and never showed his face. It. Doesnt. Work. What an idiot. 
  • Uh oh Chad. When a guy says "if I want her, I can have her" it means he's going to be a villain. 
  • Santa is so sweaty. Did you see that.
  • Woah -- James, killing it. She likes you. 
  • The Canadian is just shit-faced.
  • Jake Pavelka - is this serious? Gross. Close family friend? Ew. Thank god he was just a good friend and not trying to hit on her. Back to the rose ceremony. Jake, go home. 
Go follow Jeans and a Tank Top for more Bachelorette news! 

The part you've all been waiting for -- the Rose Ceremony! Scroll down for the ones who go home!

Don't forget to fill out your bracket and let me know [in the comments] if you'll be playing! Can't wait to have all of you!

Tonight we said goodbye toColey, Peter, Jake, Nick. S, Sal and Jonathan. 

Happy Tuesday everyone, I'm so glad Bachelorette Monday is back. Until next week. 

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  1. I'll be watching this tonight (I dvr'd it last night) and can't wait to follow along in your post as I watch! :)

  2. This is great!!! I'm obsessed with this post hahaha! I LOVE Chase and Jordan but I don't think Jordan is good news... but we'll see! They're two of my picks for top 3! I want Chase to not win so I can go on the Bachelor and date him... LOL.

    The Fashionista's Diary

  3. Oh I'm definitely playing along!!! I'm filling out my bracket this weekend. I definitely think it's going to be a fun and interesting season! Can't wait :-)

  4. Love this! This season looks pretty crazy. I can't wait to see the outcome.

    xoxo, Jenny

  5. Wow talk about indepth look at the bachelorette! I feel like I now know all the info.

  6. oh this is going to be a hell of a season!!!!

  7. My top two are Jordan and Luke.. I still can't decide between Chase and Robby. She and Jordan look just too good together! This is going to be such a great season! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  8. I'm so glad Jojo is the Bachelorette!! Jordan and Luke are my picks for sure.

  9. So happy your recaps are back!! P.S. Miss you & happy belated anniversary!

    xo, B&K


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