Less || More: My 2017 New Years Resolutions

January 10, 2017

They are finally here. My resolutions. Tiny goals to work on throughout the year in hopes of some major life changes. I mixed up resolutions a little bit this year and I'll explain why. I find tiny movements make big results. Big grandiose changes are great but hard to continue. Here's hoping my 2017 is full of small intentional changes, resulting in something great.

Darling Savage is one of my most favorite Instagram accounts as it is always filled with encouraging words and great pictures. Recently, they posted the best picture. A piece of paper with a line down the middle, on the left the word less, on the right, the word more. From there, she created her list of what she desires more and less of in 2017.

I love New Years Resolutions. I love lists. I love setting goals for myself even if I fail to complete those goals by February. I hold myself accountable by putting it all out there, even if out there is just my personal diary.

In 2008, I grew up. In 2013, I vowed to love bigger. In 2015, I made some crazy resolutions. In 2016,  my goal was to be more intentional and my word(s) were to trust the timing of my life.

Now, here we are in 2017 and I'm not sure I'm ready to pick a word to describe the year. I've got a few in mind, things that I want to change, things I want to do and focus on, but for some reason, I am finding it hard to pick one word to define an entire year, a full 365 days. But this is my place. This is where I put words to keyboard. This is where I hold myself accountable. I'm going to set my intentions here. What I want more and less of in 2017. It might not be as succinct as one word, but it's a start.

2017 is my year of no and yes. No to things that I don't want to do 100%. Yes to things that matter.

Jen Hatmaker is responsible for giving me my life motto, one I plan to live by this year. If it's not a hell yes, then it's a no. Time is so so valuable and it's time I start acting like it. This means quality time with people who deserve quality time. This means spending my time doing things that deserve my time. I don't have enough time as is, it's time I start using it wisely.

This year is about learning to say no and saying yes to the great things. This is what I want less and more of in my 2017.

  • Screen time: This is something I'm always working on and when I do, it makes me so happy. . 
  • Complaining: I have way too much to be thankful for to complain.
  • Gossip: Enough said.
  • Road-rage: I've been working on this for a while, I'm getting better...
  • Stress: If not getting rid of it, learning to manage it better
  • Comparison: This biggest thief of joy is comparison. 
  • Settling: in all aspects
  • Procrastinating
  • Stuff
  • God time: church, Bible, community, Him. 
  • Trips: Currently planning some good ones!
  • Love: Everyone needs more of this. 
  • Family and friend time: See line two above
  • Experiences: See the last of less. I don't need any more stuff, but I'll always want more experiences.
  • Success: In all aspects. 
  • Followers on this blog and social media: I'm just being honest here
  • Quite time: It seems like the TV is always on or we're listening to music.
  • Blog posts! 
  • Reading great books.
  • Conversation. Conversation over great food and red wine with great friends. 
Alright everyone, my intentions have been set, that means I cant break them, right? No, that means I can push full force ahead. This is the year of happy, the year of more and the year of no. This is the year where we all find our joy.

What are you wanting more and less of in 2017? Share your lists below.
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  1. I agree with doing things that deserve your time. I say no to a lot of people because I know myself and how I want to spend my time. They may not like it, but I have to honor me.

  2. Love this list! I don't think you'll regret achieving any of those goals! I need to add many of those "more" items too my new year goals as well!

  3. I love this approach to it! I'm going to think about this today!

  4. Love the comparison between less and more! This is a great way to look at your new year!

  5. I love this idea and am going to journal my own list of 'more and less' for this year. I love it! -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  6. I'm with you on the less stress. Looking forward to a year with more laughter and relaxation.

  7. I agree with you on these goals - I'm working to simplify this year and really focus on enjoying what I have.

    xo, Maddy


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen