The Bachelor: Season 21: Episode 4 - The one with all the poop.

January 25, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends. Today, I am trying my first Soul Cycle class. I'm freaking out. I'm going with a gf of mine that has gone before and last night she told me that they rank you! I cant deal. But, I'm super excited because (1) girl needs to get that summer bod and (2) I think it's really gonna help with my knee. Have you guys ever taken a soul cycle class? What's it like? I've heard the music is amaze, which just means I'll be singing and cycling tonight. 

I hope you guys are pumped because I'm sharing such a gooood recipe tomorrow on the blog, followed by a behind the scene look at blogger-life on Friday. I would assume it's kinda of like Carrie Underwoods behind-the-scenes but totally different. 

It's gonna be a good week for blog posts ladies and gents. Also, if you want a sneak peak at the good stuff starting March 1, make sure to sign up for my newsletter! I promise it'll be worth the wait. Just like finding out who wins this season. Do we really think it's Corrinne? No way. Nick does not want to do this again. 

You know you wanna sign up....

When we first started watching the Bachelor, I was absolutely sure that I did not want to watch this season. Then I started watching and I was excited. And now, the more and more Corrinne is around. I'm starting to question this season again. I think she is hilarious. but I absolutely do not believe she is here to get married. I mean, by now, you've all seen the 2 Chains video she was in. She is clearly here to pursue her rap career....

That was a joke people. But seriously, does she, at 24 want to get married to a 36 year old? Who knows, but it seems unlikely at this point.

This threat that girls are going to leave because Nick keeps Corrinne is just nuts. No girl has ever left and no girl will leave. I have seen worse girl on other seasons and no one leaves. What would be the point of the girls leaving?

Spoiler Alert: Kristen, spelled Christen? (why does her hair look like it was wet?) and Brittany (I'm pretty sure I've never seen this girl before)

Wait, are we already going to Nicks hometown? I mean, yes we did go to Ben's house pretty early on, but it seems a bit premature. Nick's parents seem like the cutest little buns. They obviously really want this to work. "We don't want to see you on this show again." Us either, Nicks dad, us either.

When's he's talking to the girls in a group, why does he stand so far away from them? Anyone? Danielle L is so darn cute. I think it speaks volume that he picked her for his hometown date. If we remember correctly, Ben brought Lauren on his hometown date to visit his rec center. Just sayin.

Seriously, Nick runs into his ex at a coffee shop? I mean, don't you think ABC has to pre-approve everything? I once had a friend that auditioned for a show on ABC and the NDAs she said she had to sign were outrageous. And she only auditioned. Can you imagine if Nick actually did "accidental" run into his ex. She would have to sign her life away right there in the middle of "downtown" Waukesha, WI. I highly doubt it.

This is so darn awkward. This is super boring. And super long. I really like Danielle. Her date was cute with Nick, but in comparison to Vanessa's last week, it lacked a lot of the intimacy. One of the best parts about the Bachelor is when you get to dance in front of cool people. Chris Soules with Big and Rich, JoJo had someone, I cannot remember. But I like Chris Lane, and his song is

This group date. Yikes. I mean this has to be the worst season EVER for group dates. They are miserable, miserable. See yaaaaa. Referring to the Russian girl. I agree with Adam, I do not see her sticking around. She seems kind of dull. I think she is absolutely beautiful though. Babe, she cannot be serious. She is just on the show for ratings. Re: Corrinne. Poop, poop, poop. Yikes. And they're all wearing real clothes. Couldn't Chris Harrison or the date card better prepared them for this?

Oh my gosh, the nap conversation. Michael Jordan took naps. She is definitely going on Bachelor in Paradise. She seems to be cracking a little because she is getting funnier. And the whole nap thing, story of my life girlfriend. I was just telling Adam how I could never be the President of the US (for a thousand other reasons) but I get too tired too quickly. I would have to take way too many naps.

Can we just get this damn thing over with? It would appear that Adam is losing patience with our Monday night Bach tradition.

I think Raven is a sleeper. At first I pegged her for a small town southern girl. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I did not peg her as the type of girl Nick would date. PS is her shirt unbuttoned? Oh Bella, this must mean that Raven wins. Bella is Nicks first girl. Bella is probably the coolest girl in the 8th grade. Her bro has been on TV for like the last 10 years. Raven is a bun. She is so dang sweet. I like her.

Back to the girls at the house. Why are they sitting in the bath tub? Babe, this is verrrryyyyy trying. I'm going to have to get him a present. This girl (Raven) has gotta be like are you f***ing kidding me of all the one-on-ones you took me to an arcade with a bunch of kids. 

Adam noticed that during their skating slash make out sesh that she had roller skates on one minute and then she had on roller blades So observant. And this whole time I thought he wasn't watching.

Raven is a badass. Did you hear what she did to that cheating doctor? Now everyone in her small town knows that guy is a totally ass.

Oh my gosh, Taylor  is so damn irritating. I cannot handle her. All she does is whine. I'm pretty sure she hasn't even had a conversation with him. Has this girl learned nothing about this show? The one that just bitches the whole time is the one who always goes home. Remember when Leah tried to throw Lauren under the bus to Ben? PS I'm so jealous of whatever Corrinne is eating.

Taylor would be exhausting to date. This show is exhausting to watch. Thank goodness it is only on once a week.

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  1. I am loving me some Raven after that date! She is too cute and honestly I like the whole innocent, small town girl vibe. I would NEVER go to Taylor if I needed a mental health counselor, she's annoying and I think just as immature as Corinne, just in a different way. Always love reading your Bachelor recaps :)

  2. It CRACKED me up when Nick's dad said he didn't want to see him on the show again! I am not a Nick fan at all and really wish they would have chosen anyone else. haha BUT I am still watching and just not loving it this season.

  3. I've always wanted to do SoulCycle but we don't have that here. We have Flywheel and I love it! I refuse to watch this train wreck but I loved your review. haha Cheers!

  4. I was wondering about the roller skate / roller blade switch. The only thing I could think was the Raven kept falling on skates and it wasn't "romantic" enough haha

  5. I have never watched this show, so can not say much, but i will check it for sure, sounds pretty interesting xxoxo

  6. Cracking up at all your comments! It is exhausting to watch, but I still do it! LOL
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