The Bachelor: Season 21: Episode 2 - Corrinne is already the villain

January 11, 2017

I said I was only going to blog every other week. I said I was going to tweet with the show Monday night. I said I was going to have this post out first thing Wednesday morning. But ya know what, life did not want me to run on any sort of schedule this week.

This crazy show sucks me in and I have to blog about it. I'm hoping it's weekly but all I know is that it's crazy up in here and deserves to be talked about. We can all thank the National Championship Monday night (go Clemson!) for my lack of tweeting Monday night. The game was too good and my husband was too excited. So, let's just say I took one for the team and watched 4 hours of football. I'll make up for it with lots of Bachelor watching. Then the week hit like a damn bat out of hell and the things I wanted to get done yesterday, probably wont get done until Saturday and that is just this week.

But ya know what? We are here, we are blogging and Nick is still the Bachelor. So I promise NEXT week I will tweet Monday and have the post to ya first thing Wednesday morning, at least I'll try.

Let's get to it shall we? We are finally in the season of group dates. I think we can all agree that dating in a group would suck. There is no way around it. Watching a girl you probably hate take the guy you are "dating" behind a wall to go make-out would probably feel like a sucker punch to the gut. But here is my disclaimer that I scream at the TV weekly - you knew what you were signing up for ladies.

Group Date 1: Is it just me or do these girls seem overly giddy about everythingggggg. Date card, whoooooo. Chris Harrison, whooooooo. Mimosas, whooooooo. Buicks, whooooooooo! Maybe it's the nerves, or maybe these girls have never seen a Buick before, the world may never know.

She (Corinne) is really making sure everyone knows she was the first to kiss him. This whole thing is so dumb. Corrinne is so dumb. 

I cannot help but agree with Adam that this is so dumb. This has to be the worst/raunchiest date - maybe not as bad as when Chris Soules made the girls ride tractors in bikinis, but too close to call.
It's pretty damn clean, they are all just kissing him because they think they should. Blech. But the one girls comment about it tasting like Danielle was hilarious. Side-note, I cannot wait until I know their names.

Let's jump to the Liz saga so we can be done with her: I swear to god if we have to hear one more time that she met Nick at Jade and Tanners wedding. OH MY LORD. I understand that the way the producers did this is so it sounds like shes actually saying it that much but really its just a voice-over, but still. Good gracious. She is starting to seem a little crazy town. and her faux-breakup with Nick seemed a lot. Nick is not buying the bullshit Liz is spewing.

Now to Corrinne: Corinne, you are gross and pretty classless. I'm over you. Oh, and brush your hair.

What is Corrinne doing?! Why does Nick keep letting her interact? Is this the third time? He's an idiot. 

One-on-one: Danielle is so darn cute, I LOVE that she got the first date. They are so darling together! She is seriously the sweetest girl ever and she's beautiful. I think they are so darn cute. I love watching them interact. They're both a little nerdy, a little quiet, but compliment each other so well. I think she is going to go pretty far in this game, I mean show, I mean relationship.

Oh my gosh, this conversation between Kristen and Liz is crazy. "I didn't know him like that" except you slept together -- so. Liz, you are starting to sound nuts and Kristen might kill you. PS I know that's not how her Kristen is spelled, but my way is easier.

Group Date 2: Borrrrrringgggggggg. This has to be the worst group date ever.  Slash this is so awkward. Does he mumble or is it me? Does Kristen look like she's 10? This group date was so horrible that I have nothing to say about it. I am bored.

Alright there you have it. Spoiler alert: Liz went home. Now, hopefully we never have to hear that voice-over that she slept with Nick ever again. But I guarantee it will come back to haunt us all. Next week should be interesting as they all finally find out about Nick's dirty drunk little secret.

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  1. Oh dear. Corrine is a train wreck. She needs to take a chill pill lol. The fact that Nick is buying it is pretty irritating.

  2. Ugh Corrine drives me INSANE! This is the first time I'm actually watching (crazy, I know). These girls are ridiculous but it makes for entertaining TV, haha.

  3. TRAIN WRECK. I think the producers kept giving corrine shots and telling her it was her turn to talk to nick haha

  4. From everything I've heard, I'm pretty sure I should be watching this lol!


  5. Haha I felt the same. I was like Girl we don't care that you slept wit him, why don't you try to make a connection with him now and quit talking about the past. I was so glad her sent her home!


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