The Bachelor: Season 21: Episode 3 - All about the dirty business

January 19, 2017

Lola got spayed yesterday, poor little bun. She is currently sitting at my feet with a cone on her head, acting so so pathetic. I mean. I get it. If I got lady parts cut out I'd probably want to sleep all day too.

The worst part about having animals is when they're in pain. It's the worst. I just keep giving her treats and pain meds (in appropriate doses) hoping she'll forgive me for this. But hey, her little bandaged leg (she got a dew claw removed too) is so darn cute. They even put a little green heart on it.

I find myself every Monday getting more and more excited for the Bachelor. I cannot tell if this excitement is because the girls are so nuts, or because I love hearing how crazy Corrinne's life is, but I freaking love it. Plus, it's fun watching Nick squirm while he tries to figure all this out. You can tell when Nick really likes a girl because he mumbles like crazy. He has this sheepish smile and you can barely understand him. But I'm glad to hear he is a fan of Danielle because I love her. I think she's smart and classy. See week one when I picked her as a front runner.

This season right now. It's all sex, all the time. Talking about Liz, Corrinne and her golden vagine trying to up Liz, people worrying about the sex. Man alive. This season sure got raunchy quick. Can't we just go back to the good old days when we pretended it didn't exist.

She cant be real, she has to be a hired actress, a stand-in for rating. No one can be that f-word nuts. <--- referring to Corrinne.
Literally Corrinne not showing up for the rose ceremony just proves her immaturity. Here'e my paragraph on Corrinne. It's clear that she's beautiful. She must be smart to run her parents company but it's clear her self-esteem is super low. No-one flaunts that much sexuality and va-va-voom without something going on being the scenes. I'm not saying you can't be a sexual person and not be a strong woman. Please don't take this that way. I'm just saying, the way she flips back and forth and is so defensive, I think it's more than just sex. I have a feeling we are going to see a breakdown here, but in bigger proportions than the whipped cream one. I think she's probably a little sad and really just needs some good girls in her life to tell her that men shouldn't be the only thing that validates her. So from here on out, I'm just gonna leave Corrinne as a person alone. But Raquel on the other hand, let's get that Nanny on TV people! 
I know it's only been three episodes, but I like Nick more and more with each passing episode. This too may pass but he's getting better.

Vanessa is too much for me. She's tooooo whiny. We are only one week in, ladies, hold your shit together.

Did you see the shark/dolphin girl say "Move Bitches" yes yes yes.

I really wish Chris Harrison was around more. Didn't he used to be around a lot more in previous seasons, I love him. The best part, is at this stage in the game, Chris Harrison doesn't even know the girls names. Me either Chris, me either.

Spoiler Alert: Girls go home early this episode: Lacy,  Hailey, and a blonde girl but I don't know her name.

Sees a preview for the Backstreet Boys, "Babe, this episode already sucks."

Can I just fan girl for a second. Backstreet Boys are literally amazing. Granted, N'Sync is better, but man alive. Backstreet Boys was second best for sure. I loved them so much. I still love boy and the First time I saw N'Sync, I cried. yep. I'd be like BYE NICK V. HI BSB. Corrinne was not old enough to know BSB when they originally came out. She must know them from their comeback tour in 2013.

Even the Backstreet Boys are making fun of Nicks 4-peat Bachelor return. Is it mean or does Danielle kind of look like Andi. This would be so horrible. Talking about Danielle kissing Nick. This is not romantic. Jasmine, I am with you! I am sick of talking about Corrinne. That girl is always sleeping!

I have to love Nicks self-deprecating nature. The fact that he calls out how awkward this process, makes him a little more real for me. Oh, and him and Danielle, swoon. Just roll out girl. Adam talking about the girls that keep whining.

This date was pretty awesome. Granted, I would be scared out of my space suit, how cool would it be! Man on man. Adam and I joke that we should pretend we don't know each other so we can go on the Bachelor and go on cool dates. I think they'd catch on after all the one-on-ones were just us.

Kiss after puke, yum. When she said that she wouldn't have made it without Nick there, Adam said but did you die? Oh man. He's on a roll tonight. Wow, Nicky-poo shedding some tears for Vanessa. This chick is terribly boring. I kind of like Vanessa. I think she brings out a great side of Nick, but I also think she's not fun enough. Nick said the thing he liked about Corrinne is how fun she is. Yes, I get you need a good combo of the two, but Vanessa is just kinda blah. Even on a fun date she was just a little too dull.

ALLYSON FELIX. That is amazing. She has a yorkie, like Henry, did you know that. We're basically best friends. There are lots of boobies on this date. Oh Astrid, Lululemon has full support bras. I linked them here for ya girlfriend. Next time you should maybe think about bringing one.

The creepy music when they show the hot tub and nick, gross. This whole date is just kind of miserable except for the Allyson Felix part. '

Remember when Sean Lowe was the Bachelor and kissed like 5 girls? And then he skipped the fantasy suite? Welp, I have officially lost track of the girls Nick has kissed. I'm pretty sure he's kissed everyone but 5. And I don't think the fantasy suite will be an option. Just sayin.

BYE DOMINIQUE. This is where I give Nick major props. He knew he wasn't feeling it and he sent her packing. That is what respectable leads do. It's unfortunately that Dominique mixed up attention with actual feelings, but I'm glad he slip ways before it got to be too much.

Alright, well that wraps up another edition of what Adam said while watching the Bachelor. I think he's catching on to me because every time he says something I'm trying and last time he tried to peek at my ipad which is a no-no with unedited blog posts anyways.. but I think he's suspecting something.

Have the best week everyone! We'll see you next week!

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  1. YES! I totally think Corrine has super low self esteem. It actually makes me really sad. She doesn't need to throw herself at Nick.

  2. I love this season! haha Corrine is so ridiculous to watch and I hope they let her bring her nanny to paradise!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  3. Yes to Rachel's comment above! I want to watch Corinne and her nanny in paradise so we can see just how spoiled she really is. And I really want the behind-the-scenes interviews where the nanny airs her real thoughts and opinions about Corinne. lol
    erin |


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