5 Frequently Asked Questions!

January 8, 2018

We're officially one week in to the new year! So far, 2018 has been the year of the colds. Adam and I spent new years in Breckenridge with his family and everyone got sick. Between colds, flus and altitude sickness, we were all ready to burn the house down when we left.

Adam and I took those colds back to Denver and Adam's unfortunately turned into the flu. At this point, everything has been disinfected, the cleaning ladies came yesterday, the sheets have been washed and things are shaping up.

Over the last few months, between Insta and this blog, I've been asked some of the same questions multiple times! I figured instead of answering them one-by-one, I'd just do one fun blog post. If you have more questions, make sure to leave them in the comments!

Let's get to know each other!

I get this one all the time. "I'm starting paleo, send me your favorite recipe." "My mom is coming in town, send me a great recipe." "What do you love cooking for Adam?" Adam is sweet and says he loves all my recipes bu these three are his favorite:

Paleo Mushroom Ravioli
Paleo Lasagna
Paleo Banana Bread

If you're looking for more awesome recipes, check the paleo tab. There are tons of delicious (and easy) recipes!

Lastly, great for a group? Beef Enchiladas. Make them with chicken. Add more cheese. Make three pans. Do wha you gotta do.

This is a trick question. The easy answer? Yes. I get my nails done with hard gel. Think of shellac, but harder, I only have to get them done every four weeks instead of 2. The polish doesn't chip and I'm obsessed. My nail girl is incredible. The steps: file off the previous color and top layer of gel. Fresh layer of gel. Light. Polish. Light. Gel. Light. It takes a little longer than a regular manicure, but it also lasts 4 times as long. If you're in Denver, you can contact my nail girl Nicole by Insta or Facebook!

Let me start by saying, my big sis in college taught me how to curl my hair every day for over 2 weeks and I still had a hard time. If you've never curled hair before, it's a challenge. But you can do it! To start I use a Hot Tools Ceramic Curling Iron, size 1 1/2. I separate my hair into two parts, top and bottom. The tip - keep the curling iron straight up and down. Take a small piece of hair. I don't use big chunks, but thats preference. My hair curls better in smaller chunks. Curl the hair, leaving 1 inch out at the bottom, hold for 5-10 seconds, let go. Remember, keep the curling iron up and down, don't turn it sideways. When done, run fingers through hair to combine curls. I don't spray, but if you know your hair needs it, a light mist should do the trick!

As many of you know, I used to be a practicing attorney. I graduated law school in 2013 and have been doing some version of practicing law since then. Late last year, I was offered a position to work for a startup. I was approached with the question, "Do you want to keep practicing law or do you want to try something new?" I had been struggling with whether or not I waned to keep practicing but I'm a creature of habit and switching jobs was terrifying to me. Adam and I sat down and really talked it out. We talked about our future goals, both personally, financially and with out family. We talked about how this would change my life for the good and bad. And at the end of the day, his whole goal, he wants me to be happy and do what I want. After we found out we lost the baby, life kind of changed for me. Priorities shifted and my ego that was telling me I had to stay a lawyer quickly dissipated. I knew I wanted a change. This new position allows me to work from home, have a little bit more flexibility and overall is a great change. I am the Director of Content and Sales for the startup. I'll let you guys in on more details once we launch, which is soon!

Patience, a love for dogs, wine, a kennel and a partner to help you with the animals. I've had Henry since I graduated college. I am very used to life with a small dog who listens to pretty much everything I say. He's tiny, can travel with us and is so dang good. Enter Lola. My 30 pound wonder. She's so hyper, loves to exercise, is super emotional and is the sweetest dog.

My tips: 1) Introduce the dogs in a neutral place. 2) Have a partner who loves dogs and will help with the training, walking, feeding and loving on. 3) Have a strong kennel or gate to close them off so you can separate them when necessary (and separate them from you). 4) Stick to your training. Its very easy to let them sleep on the bed or get on the couch, but if you don't want that to happen, you gotta start early, even when they are cute little pups. 5) Reward 6) If you have big pups, exercise them. Built up energy is when they start acting out. 7) Love on them hard. Dogs are the greatest gift ever.

Happy Tuesday friends!! Get excited, Friday's bachelor blog is gonna be amazing. Did you guys watch last nights episode? Crazy town. And, we're just getting started.

Ps. If you have more questions, leave them in the comments! 


  1. This is my first time visiting your blog. I really loved this post, it was great to get to know you a little! I'll definitely be coming back here!

  2. I have my nails done the same way, only I like to keep mine shorter. Love the pink!

  3. What a great FAQ, Kristen. So fun to get to know other bloggers. The pasta looks amazing and I LOVE my hot tools curling iron too ��

  4. These are such fun questions! I love getting to know the person behind all the blogging :) and BTW your nails are fabulous and so is everything else about you :)

  5. Loved this post and getting to know you a little better. My question is: how are you so adorable? :)
    ps: say hi to Henry and Lola for me ♥


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