10 Blogs You Should be Reading Now!

January 22, 2018

Happy Monday friends! How are you? Denver got the most beautiful snow ever yesterday, so we spent the day doing nothing. Breakfast burritos, naps, baking. It was the most perfect lazy Sunday. 

Today it's bitter cold, so cold, schools are on a delay! But to brighten your day, I'm sharing with you my favorite bloggers. This changes daily since I subscribe to so many amazing bloggers, but these are the ones I'm super pumped on. They're the ones I look for on Insta and in my inbox for new posts.

They are all bad-ass woman, kicking ass in the blog world. They're all smart, passionate, stunning, funny and I think you will love them all.

Lauren Kay Sims // Lauren is a Boulder blogger, dog mama, wife and super athlete. She just ran her first marathon! I love her sense of style and her hair. She's absolutely darling and her insta stories are the best. Her instagram is HERE!
Something Navy // Arielle is my favorite blogger. She's from NYC, has the cutest babe Ruby and is expecting her second. Her life is more than fabulous and she is so good at documenting all of it. Plus, she has an amazing line at Nordstrom. Her instagram is HERE
Positively Posie // Whitney is my real life BFF and blogs all things motherhood, lifestyle, fashion and fitness. She's a military wife living in San Diego with her adorable babe Blakely. She shares the best beauty, fashion, kids clothes and recipes. Her instagram is HERE
One Small Blonde // Brooke blogs about the best fashion, lifestyle and great food. She seriously has the best style and my favorite part? She's super relatable. Her Instagram makes me want to be her best friend. Her instagram is HERE
Lifestyles by Lauren // Lauren blogs about everything. Food, beauty, great clothes. Her blog is adorable and I love all the content she posts. She lives in NYC, so obviously I'm living vicariously through her.  Her instagram is HERE
My Kind of Sweet // Suzanne is a mama to the two cutest little babes and is so fashionable while doing it! The thing I love most about her blog is she is super relatable and her clothes are everyday.  Plus, her Insta stories are the best. She's always sharing stories about her family and her kids.  Her instagram is HERE
Life as a Larsen // Chandler is another amazing mom blogger who shares her marriage tips, family, and lifestyle tips. She's super honest, funny and has the cutest babe. Her instagram is HERE
Chasing Whimsy // Mackenna is my Colorado blogger babe. Besides being absolutely stunning, she showcases the cutest clothes in the best places around Denver and Colorado. Plus, her positive attitude will make you feel better any day. Her instagram is HERE
Dani Austin // She's newly-engaged, a huge Texas influencer and so cute and quirky. She's not afraid to show her nerdy side (she does retainer talks on insta stories) but she's an incredible blogger and encourager. She is full of faith and feels like a great friend even though we've never met. Plus, she has fabulous clothes. Her instagram is HERE
The Darling Detail // Jessi is a stunner with the best fashion. But, she's super honest about her faith, her struggles, her life as a 20-something-year old girl. Her instagram is HERE
Happy Monday! Who's watching The Bachelor tonight? I know, I am! Bekah's age is finalllly revealed!

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  1. Awesome recommendations - I already follow a couple of these so I know I'll love the others!

  2. Definitely going to follow your recommendations!

  3. I love a lot of these bloggers already but I will have to check out the ones I hadn't heard of before.

  4. Hey Kristen, I love your list! I already know and follow some of those blogs, so I'll male sure to follow your advice and visit the other ones as well ♥

  5. I haven't read any of these blogs! Off to check them out now - thanks for the recs!

  6. What a great list and description of blogs to go and check out! I've already pulled up a few and I could quickly tell why they've made your favorites list. They're fantastic!

  7. Thanks lovey! You are the sweetest!!


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