The Bachelor Recap Season 22, Episode 2 - Bumper Cars & Tears

January 12, 2018

So we've met the ladies, picked the villains, found our favorites and judged Arie. The second episode is always where things get a little nuts. We're still learning the girls names, we have our first one-on-one and the "falling in love" toasts are in full swing.

Part of me wishes this post was blogged in real life because making this a drinking game would be amazing. Drink whenever they say "falling in love" "date card" "Arie" "talk about his eyes" "jealous" "pillow lips"

First One-On-One: Becca K. Don't you wonder how Arie picks the first one-on-one? I honestly don't remember much of her from the first episode so I'm curious as to how he picked her. Sidenote: the road their driving down is the road I used to live on in college and it makes me soooo jealous (drink!). I just want to be there. RACHEL ZOE - WHAT. I want her to dress me! And Christian Louboutins? Okay, well this would be a great date to be on. No way she gets to keep the Neil lane diamonds. This is the ultimate bachelor swag bag.

Is it just me or is the silver dress not the dress I would have picked for the date? She got the rose.

Second One-on-One: Krystal. Krystals voice irritates the **** out of me. They're going to Scottsdale. I instantly get jealous when people go to scottsdale because I'm so protective of it! Kryal goes all he way to Scottsdale and he takes her to his highschool? And then baby pictures? I'm bored. Wouldn't it be so awesome to never have to carry a purse? Lauren B met Ben's family early on the Bachelor and she won - just saying. Arie's mom is a babe! Literally watching Krystal talk drives me crazzyyy. I think she's gonna go far, but I'm over her. PS this is the song they danced too - he has a beautiful voice. The highlight of this super boring date.


Group Date: Maquel, Marikh, Tia, Valerie, Annaliese, Lauren G, Kendall, Bekah, Jenny, Janna, Caroline, Brittany, Bibiana, Chelsea. Bekah is literally wearing no clothes. This part should be like a lululemon ad or something. Everyones just in sports bras and leggings/shorts. I'm sticking to my thoughts that Tia is still one of my favorites.

Cue the tears Annaliese. She literally hummed the circus song, talked about being a kid in bumper cars and wont stop crying. She literally was the most scared but she was also the most badass. I think this would be so fun! I want to do this - anyone know where we can?

I take back my earlier thoughts, Chelsea is the worst. And, I officially hate watching Arie kiss.

Not that it's funny, but I love guessing which girls are going to unravel the quickest. I didn't expect Bibiana to be that girl, but she is quickly losing it. She's already almost crying. She's fighting with the other girls. She has a horrible attitude. And she yells at the producers, like "hey girl you signed up for this shit."

Okay, I get it, age is just a number, but Bekah is 22 and Arie is 36. 14 years. 14 years. 22. 36.

Seinne gets the rose! Hooray! I love her.

The Rose Ceremony. Did Bekah really just say she always needs a fur on her? Cue the eye roll. Lauren B is so cute. I really like her. Oh my gosh, Krystal interrupting Bibiana. Shits about to go down. Bibi just gave it to Krystal. Whew. You can watch it here. You gotta love that they put Krystal and Bibiana next to each other.

Spoiler Alert: The girls who go home are --  Jenny, Valerie, Lauren

Wow Jenny, not even saying goodbye. Further proof she is only 25. "I'm not sad about you, I'm sad about the girls."

Next week looks extra good. So many tears, so many fights.

Happy Friday friends! Monday - all the details on FabFitFun! It's a post you don't want to miss!

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