The Bachelor Recap: Season 22, Episode 1 - Blast from the Past

January 5, 2018

Happy Happy Friday friends! I don't know about you, but I am SO glad this week is over. Starting the week on a Tuesday makes the week seem extra long. Throw the husband getting the flu in the middle of it and wham bam it makes for a long week. I am so excited for the weekend. 

Here we go folks, another round of Bachelor recaps. This time? It's a major blast from the past. Need a little update? Arie was the runner up on Emilys season over 5 years ago. She sent him home heartbroken and based on his intro in this season, he's been pining over her ever since. 

In the meantime, Emily has gotten married and had three kids since. We all move on at different paces. Well ladies and gentleman, Arie is back. 

He has a plethora of pretty girls and most of them are older than 20. Thank god because Arie is 36! The good thing about his age is hopefully he's a little more mature and semi knows what he wants. He's still enjoying the nickname 'kissing bandit' so... maybe not. 

In all my years of bachelor watching, I have to say, I like the girls a lot on this season. They all (well more than half) have real jobs, no-one got black out drunk on the first night and no-one cried on the first night until they got sent home. Winning! 

Let's start with the good first impressions -- these are my top 6:

Caroline26. From Florida. Stunning. Realtor. She was the first one out of limo, which is always a great sign. She made a clever “off the market” joke since they're both realtors. I like her. Top 5.

Tia: 26. From Wiener Arkansas and friends with Raven. Their accents are too cute. I have a theory that this town makes gorgeous girls. She's funny, gave him a baby weiner and then joked with the other girls about how stunning and smart the other girls are. Top 8.

Seinne: 27. Long Beach, CA. She is stunning. I loved that she gave him elephant cuff links, it was very sweet. Plus, I loved her dress. She managed to pull off incredibly sexy and class in one dress.

Lauren S: 31. Dallas, Texas. She was eager, sweet and sort of stayed in the background. I have a feeling she is going to be silent attacker. Top 8. I had a friend ask me to find where Lauren's first night dress was from and it's from Reformation. You can find it here

Annaliese: 32. San Mateo, California. Initially I was not amused by her kissing bandit costume but she she came to talk to Arie, I really enjoyed her sweet demeanor. 

Lauren B: 25. Virginia Beach, VA. She was the stunning blonde in the silver dress.  

Runners Up: 

Have you guys seen the meme that Arie looks like Ross. Try not to see it, I dare ya

These are my least favs: 

Chelsea: 29. Portland, Maine. She's a single-mom and really wants to get married. She got out of the limo looking like she wanted to eat him. Not that those are bad things, not what I'm saying, but from jump street, she's already jealous, talking shit on every girl that walks in and is pretty damn catty.  Next.

Kendall: 26. Santa Clarita, CA. She is a taxidermy collector which alone is pretty creepy. Then she showed  Horrible shiny pink dress. 

Jenna: 28. Upland, IN. What’s with the arm movements doing her intro? Then she starts massaging his feet? She is legit all over the place. Either she’s drunk or on something and even Arie thinks she's a little out there.

Bekah M: 22. Fresno, CA. She is a nanny and on her bachelorette info page and on her title on the show, she doesn't show her age. Thanks to buzzed, I found out she is 22. But I have a feeling her age is going to be a major topic and controversy. Then she showed up in a red car. I’m already annoyed by her. 

Adam got the flu this week and I watched late due to the holiday so unfortunately, I don't have much Adam commentary this week. He walked in while I was watching and asked, Is she the villain” referring to Chelsea.  So either he is super intuitive or he was secretly watching upstairs. 

Is it just my TV or do all the girls look airbrushed? Like is there a lady in the back spraying girls? Now that I’m watching Arie make out with all the girls, it’s bringing back memories of the sounds of kissing on Emilys season - blech.

Calling it now --> Chelsea is going to be the girl all the other girls hate and Arie holds a blind eye too until the end when one girl volunteers as tribute to talk shit and finally tell him the truth. Verdict - they both go home. 

Refinery 29 did an awesome piece that Bachelor creepers like me love - all the girls Instagrams. Go stalk and be merry. 

Stop reading now if you don't want spoilers. The following went home this week. 

Only 8 more weeks until we all know their names I want to know how he remembers all their names first night especially the Laurens. 

Girl bye. This week we said goodbye to: Amber, Jessica, Lauren J, Ali, Olivia, Brittane, Bri, Nysha 

PS. I'm thinking of permanently moving Bachelor blog posts to Friday. Thoughts? 

Happy Friday! 

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