The Bachelor: Season 22; Episode 3 - GLOB + 20 Thoughts.

January 19, 2018

Happy Friday friends! Just me or was this seriously the longest week ever. I swear every day was Tuesday, which sucks, because Tuesday is the worst day! But, alas, here we are! It's officially the weekend! Praise. 

If you watched the Bachelor this week you know how NUTS these girls are! I swear, they get a little crazier each week. It's almost exhausting to keep up with them. But someone has to blog it right. 

I had some requests for Adam to watch this week and get his thoughts, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news. He didn't watch this week. I will do my best to get him to watch next week, swear. 

This week was absolutely all over the place, so now, just some thoughts. 20 thoughts during the bachelor. What are you bachelor thoughts, leave them in the comments. Let's chat.

ONE // This is the season of belling shirts, abs and Lululemon.

TWO // Who comes up with these stupid date ideas? GLOB? Girl wrestling? Are we joking?

THREE // Thee wrestling girls are mean and I honestly don't blame for the girls being upset.

FOUR // 
Seriously- Kenny from Rachel's season? This is when it's too much.

FIVE // Bibiana, have you learned anything in 22 seasons of this offing show. The girl who tattles goes home. Every. damn. time.

SIX // Krystal is too much. Steals Arie first. Interrupts the girls to chat her time. Her voice. I can't. She is obviously a little delisional and doesn't quite realize there are other girls in the house.

SEVEN // "We know we want to end up together and this is just a process we have to go through." Are you joking Krystal?

EIGHT // Whenever Arie is talking to a girl, I feel like he is half listening half waiting to kiss.

NINE // Lauren S. is never going to make it. She's too ditzy and laughs too much. I do appreciate that she's 31.

TEN // The only words in Lauren S' vocal - "so cute, so handsome, amazing, so amazing, so awesome."

ELEVEN // ARIE IS EATING THE FOOD. ATTENTION. No-one eats the food. THIS IS A RULE.  He must be SO bored. She's going home.

TWELVE // Another traumatic experience from Annaliese - first bumper cars, now dogs. Whats next gf.

THIRTEEN // Legit bachelor question, if they come together on a private jet, how does the loser go home?

FOURTEEN // All I can say about the dog show is that Lola was going nuts the entire time they were barking and growling. In the words of my friend Kate, "longest 20 minutes of an episode, ever."

FIFTEEN // Not gonna lie, I totally spaced that ENTIRE girl-dog group date. Whew, that was dull. Beside Annaliese trying to get a kiss, saw that girlfriend.

SIXTEEN // If you were the Bachelor/ette, what would your drink of choice be? Mine would be champs.


EIGHTEEN // Do you think as a contestant you get a say as to what goes in the fridge? Like, hey'd Id LOVE some Nada Moo Salted Carmel Ice Cream and So Delicious coconut milk vanilla creamer.

NINETEEN // Poor Annaliese asking for a kiss. Oh no.

TWENTY // Is it just me or are the previews more exciting than the episode?

Lauren S, Annaliese, Bibiana

Stay tuned - Monday, my 10 favorite blogs you MUST read.

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  1. I don't watch The Bachelor but thinking maybe I should start - it looks almost comical!

  2. HAHA... I think the girls that get sent home are in Coach Class.

  3. I completely tuned out on the dog portion, too. Krystal's voice is beyond annoying, as is her personality. I was happy to see Bibiana and her negative attitude go. I don't mind that Arie is always watching and waiting for an opportune time to kiss, because it's fun watching him smooch the girls. :)

  4. haha my hubby and I literally typed out our thoughts as we had them just to keep a record. My top thought was "he was from 5 years ago and he's got to be much older now." My husband (41) "yeah, he's super old, probably like 6 years younger than I am!" ;-)

  5. Lol I am ready for it to be further along in the season. The first few episodes don't really hold my interest as much haha.

  6. The Bachelor is my favorite show! I was so glad when he sent Bibiana home.

    Amanda ||


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