10 things no-one tells you about your first trimester + a $400 Target giveaway!

March 28, 2018

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, filled with fresh faced skin, cute clothes and months spent daydreaming of future baby. At least thats what you think of when you get pregnant. Don't get me wrong, daydreaming of baby is something I do every day and yes, pregnancy is awesome and not as bad as you may think, but it's not roses and sunshine every day either.

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My first sign of pregnancy was flu like symptoms, so if thats any indication of the next nine months, well, let's do this. The first trimester is crazy. It's full of so many unknowns and so many uncomfortable feelings.

1. Morning sickness, afternoon sickness, evening sickness. Did you know about 80% of woman experience morning sickness? I thought the second I got pregnant, I'd be nauseous and puking in the morning. Turns out, morning sickness for me was actually evening sickness. I'd be fine all day. 5pm hit and damn, I was so blah, I could barely make it to bed time. Poor Adam got stuck with takeout a lot more than he probably wanted. The perk -  It eventually will go away. Mine went away at 14 weeks and then life gets so much better

2. You're not always hungry, but you are. My entire first trimester, the thought, look, smell, taste of any kind of meat made me throw up. Don't even get me started on raw chicken. Food aversions coupled with evening sickness made it easier for me to not eat. And since that's not an option when growing a human, food selection became so tough. Protein shakes in the AM got me through the noon hour. And then it was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mac and cheese. The perk - Once you're through the first, you'll love eating everything.

3. You have to pee constantly. This one is just annoying more than anything else. A 50 minute flight to Omaha turns in to 3 bathroom breaks and people looking at you like your nutty. My advice, convince your husband to give you the aisle seat. This is no joke. No real perk here. Except my doc told me once the baby goes higher, the need to pee will go away, until you're big.

4. Belly's don't pop quick. That cute belly you want just makes you look fat for a little while. Jeans are really tight on your belly, your boobs are huge, bras are uncomfortable and apparently your feet grow? I keep telling Adam I just want my belly to pop and he says I'll be taking that back when I'm 7 months and uncomfortable. The perk -  No more sucking in your belly. Let it all hang out, girlfriend.

5. Opinions ares like assholes. Every one has one. Be prepared for everyone from your mom, to your friends to the lady at the grocery store in line behind you to tell you what she thinks about kids and child birth. My opinion... take the opinion of the people you really trust and ignore the rest. Even if the lady in the grocery line insists that you're killing your baby by eating apples. The perk -  People love babies and pregnant women.

6. Utter exhaustion. There needs to be a new word for pregnancy exhaustion. This is a real thing. I tried to explain to Adam how tired I was and the difference between non-pregnancy tired. And the only way I could put it in to words is as if someone was pressing down on my shoulders, tired. The perk - This goes away at 14 weeks! You're still tired, but not nearly as tired.

7. Emotions are heightened. I'm an emotional mess. Commercials make me cry. Pretty much every TV show makes me cry even if its funny. Monday, I messed up Adam and my flight home from Omaha, you guessed it, I cried. I'm blaming it on the hormones. The perk - Blame mistakes on pregnancy brain. I did.

8. Weird dreams. This one I was not expecting, but it's followed me into my second trimester. My first weird dream? Adam left and I was left to raise my kids (I had more than one) and then my brother moved in with me and it was like Full House. I was Candace Cameron Bure in Fuller House living with my kids and my friends ad my brother. They get weirder. The perk - Funny stories.

9. You'll be able to smell like a superhero. This was one of the first sensations I got. The smell of my dogs food made me gag. I can smell BO from across the room and did you know raw chicken has an actual smell and coffee is pungent? But roses smell better, so do burritos and Adam. The perk -  You can smell the good food in the restaurant.

10. Anxiety is high. People keep telling me the anxiety is prepping me for motherhood. Before every ultrasound I get so nervous I cry. I pray constantly and I just wish this little baby girl was here already. But, the anxiety is all worth the end result. The perk - The end result.

Yes pregnancy is challenging and confusing and I always have so many questions. But, with all that said, its also the best feeling in the world. Seeing your own baby on an ultrasound and hearing his/her heartbeat is the coolest in the world. Now, if we could get these next 5 months moving so baby girl can get here, I'd be okay with that too.

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  1. Many people sure don't mention all of these. You made me laugh about having your belly hang out. The baby at the end will make you forget these all they say.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more on #5! So many of my family members had opinions and it drove me nuts.


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