Oh Baby, Our Baby!

March 19, 2018

Adam and I are so excited to finally tell the world that we are expecting Baby GIRL Kavan September, 2018! We are absolutely over the moon to welcome this baby to the world. It still feels so surreal to even say those words. We've been enjoying the secrecy of baby land with just us two for long enough now and are finally so excited to share our happiest news!

I'll go in to more details later on when and how we found out, how the last few months have been for me and for Adam and all that fun pregnancy stuff...but for now let's just look at the pictures! 

Baby girl, we are so excited to meet you. September cannot come quick enough.


Cutest girl dad I've ever seen.

So surreal saying baby girl!

 Oh baby, we are so excited for you to be here.

There's nothing fancy bout the way I love you, But I love you as hard as I can.

 girl, you are more loved than you know. 
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  1. Aww congrats, girl! So exciting. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Congrats! What an exciting time! I cannot wait to follow along and watch your pregnancy journey and the raising of your daughter!!

  3. HOW EXCITING!! Congrats you guys!!!

  4. Awww congratulations! Babies are so fun!


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