What's in my bag.

March 13, 2018

Last night I was watching American Idol and the first girl to audition said she was 15 years old and Katy Perry says, "sooo you're born in...?" and the girl says, "I was born in 2002."

Katy Perry literally crawls under the desk and says, "I've never met someone born in the two-thousands." Guys, I died laughing because this is how I feel about anyone born after 1995. Guys, if you're not watching, these judges this season are hilarious.

Anyways, that has absolutely nothing to do with today's post, but I'm still LOL'ing about it and just had to share. Today, we're talking bags and all the stuff in those bags. Oh, and let's be real, I don't carry sunflowers in my bag, but this is the blog and we gotta make stuff look pretty.

Sidenote, I'd love to carry sunflowers in my bag.

I think what's in a persons bag is pretty personal and can also tell a lot about a person. Being pretty OCD, my bag is usually fairly organized and everything has a compartment. But catch me on a random Saturday afternoon running errands and its turned into a black hole and only the good things make it out alive.

The Bag: I've always carried a large tote. I've tried to switch things up and every once in a while I carry a clutch but I can't break the tote habit. I need a shoulder strap and something big enough to carry all the things I need. My parents got me this LV tote for my 30th birthday and I'm still obsessed with it. Lightweight, matches everything and all the things.

The guts: My Louis Vuitton wallet has carried me through college, law school and beyond. It's big enough to be a clutch when need be and also carry all my cards, check book and pictures of my nephews and nieces. And yes, that little bag is a coin purse, I'm officially an old lady. I hate having change in my wallet, hence the coin purse.

The Lip Stuff: My friend Nikki turned me on to this Lancome lipstick and I haven't stopped wearing it since. It's Rouge in Love, Rose me Rose me Not and it's the best. I put a little of The Kiss by Lush on first and then it's the lipsticks turn. The thing I love most about this, the color. I'm usually a bare naked lip kind of girl, but this color has brought me out of my comfort zone.

The Book: I always, always, always have a book in my bag. There are too many times I'm stuck somewhere and hate sitting on my phone the whole time. If you're following along on Insta, you know I'm doing a 24 books in 2018 challenge. This book makes book 6, Even if it Kills Her by Kate White!

The Sunnies: These Diff Eyewear Zoey sunnies are my new favorite. I bought them a few weekends back in Breckenridge and I've been hooked. They're polarized and if you buy one pair another one pair is donated.

Apple AirPods: These are required. I usually have at least two pairs in my bag, just in case. Adam got me the Apple AirPods for Valentines Day and I'm in love. I was a little skeptical at first because I honestly thought they'd fall out or I'd lose them, but they are the best! I use them for my phone, iPad, computer, work calls, business calls and they hold a charge for like 5 hours and the case holds an 8 hour charge! I love them. Plus how else will I pretend I'm busy.

Not pictured: Tons of receipts, almost empty chapsticks, pen lids, wrappers from Starbucks straws, dog treats, Kleenex, lost bobby pins, Adams sunglasses, and crumbs.

The rest of it --> An extra pair of headphones, my favorite Tazo tea, so many pens, extra Mentos sugar free mints, my Grace keychain (it was my grandmothers), my key pouch (stuffed full of hair-ties and bobby pins), a comb, the BEST hand lotion, a cosmetic pouch full of more lipsticks, Kleenex, and aquaphor.

Happy Tuesday friends! What are the necessities you carry in your bag?

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  1. First of all, love the bags! And second, mints are such a must for me!!

  2. I should really get into the habit of putting books in my bags. I always complain about my bag being heavy, but there's so many opportunities (like commuting to work) where I can read! I need to try the Lancome lipstick too!

  3. My bag has my coach wallet, two pair of glasses, sunglasses, lipstick and a notebook.

  4. I see you carry a big purse too. My fiance tells me I need a smaller bag but what’s funny is he gave me something to put in my purse of his to carry and started to say, “You need a bigger bag”. I laughed and said, “Oh when you need to use it’s okay if it’s big”. Shut him up pretty quick, lol!
    Yes, always have to have some type of lip stuff and always have to have Tic-Tacs, gum, mints, or something of the sort! And always have to have sunglasses. I don’t know how people drive w/out them! You aren’t old carrying a coin purse! Half the time my coins just get tossed in w/ all the other random stuff. Some of the extras you talked about are hiding in my purse as well! Btw, <3 your bag!

  5. Omg - I just told my husband that I've never met anyone born in the two thousands and he just remind me that our 4, 3 and 2 year old nieces were born in the 2000's! Haha too funny!

  6. my necessities in my bag include, an eos ball, my cell phone, and a wallet!! such a cute post.

  7. Haha I'm the same with receipts, bobby pins and lip balms! Funnily enough I also use a LV card holder :) Love your bag, and those sunnies are very cool!

  8. Oh wow, my bag is full of useless stuff sometimes. Yours look pretty useful I need to clean out my bag at this point.

  9. Time to go through my bag and do some spring cleaning :/ and I neeeeeed sunnies like those...they're super freaking cute!

  10. I love your writing style! I'll definitely be back to read more!!

  11. Those sunnies and passion fruit tea are my fave.

  12. Haha, I only have my wallet, phone, and keys! But these things look pretty handy!

  13. I absolutely love your bag! I always carry mints in mine too!!

  14. I love your purse and how nice and organized everything is - a very minimalistic collection! I mostly use wristlets that are large enough for my iPhone, lipstick, eyeliner, powder compact, credit cards / membership cards, some cash, a pen and maybe a mint or two. That's it! :-)

  15. Always having a book in your bag is KEY! Mindlessly scrolling social media is not good for anyone for extended periods of time. What do you think of the book? My goals is to read 50 books this year, so I have a lot to go.


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