Motivational Monday

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! Quotes are my thing and I find my motivation in the powerful words of others. The last couple months, I've thrown myself some various pity parties, one & two. I've realized it's SO much easier to feel bad for yourself then to figure out how to make things better or move towards a new goal. There's something selfishly gratifying to pour yourself a glass of wine and mope. But, life doesn't move forward that way, it doesn't get better and in the end that glass of wine is empty and that's no good for anyone.

I'm super lucky to have this amazing circle of friends and family who are always there to listen to me and push me forward even when my feet are stuck in the sand. This is one of my favorites. I hope wherever you are in life; at the job you love, at the job you hate, at the place in your life where you're content, I hope you find inspiration in this quote. Happy Monday everyone, let's make it a good one! 

Be ready to put in some late hours and learn from every menial task, even if you think you're better than that. People will respect hard work and your effort to take a task to the next level. Jin Kim, Founder and Owner of Common Thread, a community-based sewing studio in Pasadena, California.


  1. I really like that quote. It's a great thing to remember as I try to tackle some goals I have. :-)

  2. What a perfect quote for motherhood! Sometimes I find myself just going through the motions, it's so easy to just sludge on and get into a rut.

  3. That's a perfect quote for anyone feeling stuck in their career or position! Love it.

  4. What a great quote, thanks for sharing! I'm getting that way with blogging but it's getting better!

  5. I love quotes as well because it makes me feel like I am not alone. That people out there have the same feelings like me. Happy Monday, friend!

  6. I love that quote, and I think it is one I need to remind myself of more often! Thanks so much for sharing.

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  7. What a great quote! Thanks for sharing; I definitely needed that!

    Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  8. This quote really is motivational! It kinda puts me in a hard place. I am (I think) a really hard worked. Having just started my blog last December I want to go full force in working to get my reader #s up. But being prego makes that hard. I am way tired and normally I would push through it but since it isn't just my healthy that is affected I have to take it a little slower. At least until this little guy gets here. Love the quote! Thanks!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen

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