Year One.

Monday, May 9, 2016

It doesn't seem quite possible that one year ago today, Adam and I got married. One year ago, I was excitedly getting ready with my best friends and little did I know at that moment, that our wedding day would be the greatest day I could have dreamed of, blowing the roof off whatever already great expectations I had about that day.

[warning] sappy post ahead followed by even more photos.

That day was incredible. Literally the greatest day of my life. I married my love, celebrated with friends and family and ventured into married life happier than ever.

Little did I know that life would only get better than that day already was. Maybe I'm a sap because I'm still considered a newly wed, but marriage is the greatest thing ever. My wedding planner told me this 100 times during wedding planning, the wedding is one day, but your marriage is for the rest of your life. It was so easy to get caught up in planning the perfect day, that sometimes I missed the idea that we were preparing for the rest of our lives.

PS -- if you're following me on Instagram, I promise this morning will be the last anniversary picture for a while. I can't help it.

If I've learned anything, marriage is the greatest even when life isn't the greatest. Marriage is the happy and the sad and the ups and the down. But it's also those amazing quiet times in between. Marriage is learning how to get through life, together. It's about getting through the crap, together.

Adam has transformed the words love and commitment in way I never knew I needed. It's support when it isn't asked. It's love when its not deserved. It's a smoothie on Sunday morning when you had a little too much wine the night before. Or taking Henry out first thing in the morning so I can get another 3 minutes of sleep.

This post is dedicated to Adam and to us. It's a celebration of this amazing life we've created together and the life we will continue to build together. I won the marriage jackpot with him.
To you, Adam, my love. Thank you for asking me on a date five plus years ago, picking me two years ago, and saying I do, one year ago. I can't wait to see all the great things we continue to do together. I love you more than blog posts can express (which you know is a lot). Here's to year one, and here's to 100 more. 

Thanks for letting me be a sap today, regular scheduled posts will be back tomorrow :)

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  1. Continue to celebrate these special moments everyday, month and year. They are your memories and your future.

  2. Congratulations on a wonderful first year! My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary less than a month ago and I agree with everything in this post- it only gets better!

  3. Congrats! You make a beautiful couple!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! the first is always one of the most fun!!! You were such a beautiful bride!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Such a sweet post :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Such gorgeous photos and a cute couple! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! You were a stunning bride. Your dress is gorgeous!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Time goes so quickly. You had a beautiful wedding dress. We are getting married in August and I cannot wait for it!

  9. Woohoo! Isn't marriage awesome? So happy that you had an amazing first year... cheers to many more happy and healthy ones! xox

  10. Happy anniversary! You look gorgeous and full of love. My one year anniversary is coming up too and I know exactly what you mean about marriage being the best thing of your life. It's so awesome to know someone like you know your husband, and seeing how he treats me helps me better understand how much grace and compassion Christ has shown us.

  11. Girl bring the sap! I'm over here feeling ALL the feels! This is such a great post - so true. I hope you two had a wonderful anniversary celebration! (Your dress is perfection! Beautiful!)

  12. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding dress was just beautiful! Time goes by so fast!

  13. I love this post!! We have been married for 6 months now and I am
    With you - marriage has been life changing in the most amazing ways. I LOVE it! And after hearing how hard it is going to be, it's kind of refreshing ! :) (maybe I just have the newlywed mindset, too! ;)


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