Pros and Cons of Paleo

August 11, 2014

As of today, Adam and I have been eating paleo for 8 days. We've have one failed paleo meal (which I'll post later) but other than that, its been a really great experience. Time for this weeks pros & cons of paleo.


  1. I feel great. There's no upset stomach after eating or that horrible super full, bloated feeling. 
  2. While others may not see it, I can see a difference in my body and the way clothes fit.
  3. I have a lot more energy (and i'm not even drinking coffee!).
  4. I love planning my meals and preparing them with Adam. I've even gotten him to look at Pinterest! Check out my paleo board
  5. Paleo desserts are actually amazing. (Brownies & Cookies!) 
  6. My skin looks clearer. 
  7. Working out and running feels easier. Maybe thats the placebo effect, but I just feel better when I work out. 
  8. I never feel hungry, I feel strong.
  1. Man, oh man, do I miss bread. Bread and rice, I miss them so. 
  2. It takes a lot of preparation. Grocery shopping takes an extra long time and the meal prep is very time consuming. 
  3. The food can get a little boring. Let's just say I'm trying my hardest not to make chicken every night.
  4. It can be expensive. We had to replace a lot of things in our pantry; flour, oil, peanut butter for almond butter ect. Whole Foods receipt; 7 items = $48. 
  5. Pizza does not taste like regular pizza. 
  6. I miss lattes. 
  7. Going out to eat is pretty difficult. 
Until next week.

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