The Bachelor: Season 19: 12 Thoughts I had while watching the Bachelor.

January 6, 2015

The Bachelor is probably one of my most favorite guilty pleasures. I've watched almost every season, but Alex Michel, first season anyone? Does anyone know him? Yeah that's what I thought. But seriously, the Bachelor is so addicting, I love it. #bachelornation.

Tonight was the season premier of Season 19, Chris Soules' season, which is probably one of the most anticipated season ever. Girls are fawning over him, guys are jealous of him and I'm pretty sure Chris Harrison wants to be him. But what do you think about the Bachelor? Do you like Chris? Do you wish you were one of the lucky 30? Well here are 12 Thoughts I had while watching the Bachelor.
  1. Was there really a red carpet this season? Is Nikki still really talking about Juan Pablo? 
  2. Did Tara really wear shorts and cowboy boots? I get cowboy boots are "you" but honey, you're in Malibu at a cocktail party, dress up for once. You're an adult. 
  3. Jillian. Crossfit. Protein shakes. Dead lift. 
  4. Swearing and sex jokes for your first impression? Yikes. And elbow tats. Rad! Get that rose! 
  5. Chris Harrison slapping Chris Soules, adorbs. 
  6. Go Reagan, the cadaver sales woman, we went to college together, I can root for her. 
  7. Googly Eyes, I mean Amanda, I mean the secret admirer is a bit too much for me. Great hair though Amanda, cheers. 
  8. Brittany. What are you wearing? Get it together. Oh wait, you're a wrestler? Ohhhhh I get it. 
  9. The girl with the onion. Really Producers? Where do you find these girls?! 
  10. First kiss on the first night?! Woah, Chris, get it. Britt, you're pretty, I'm rooting for you.
  11. Tara, you're hilarious, thanks for making the rose ceremony so funny and thanks for not passing out. And congrats on getting picked, we're as shocked as you are! I vote you the girl of the night!
  12. Is it just me, or was the preview for the rest of the season the best part. I just love this show. See ya'll next week. 

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