The Bachelor: Seaon 19: 13 Thoughts I had while watching the Bachelor

January 13, 2015

Another week, another episode of the Bachelor. This week did not disappoint. Same story, different girls getting drunk, crying and making out with Chris. Without further ado, my 13 thoughts while watching the bachelor.

  1. Chris, a half zipped hoodie with no shirt under it? You don't really wear things like that do you? 
  2. Decision of the day: coffee or mimosa for your first morning in the bachelor house? 
  3. Outdoor shower? In a house down the driveway? You are asking for drama Chris Harrison. 
  4. Poor Kimberly. Wait. This is unfair and unjust. How dare Chris add one more girl to a group of 20? Boo Kimberly. 
  5. On a scale of 1-drunk, how drunk is Tara going to be this episode. 
  6. Those lashes are not real. I'm looking at you Ashley I. 
  7. Mackenzie, zzzzzzzzz. 
  8. She thought the date card was just a note? Seriously. Next. 
  9. I suggest not giving Ashley S. a gun ever, even if it's just a paintball gun. 
  10. Jordan. Weed waker? You can never talk about that in reference to a girl or her hair...down there.
  11. Ashley S. What are you doing? No. Stop talking about Mesa verde? Chris. Make it stop. 
  12. Chris likes to kiss. A lot. 
  13. Okay, the fall is one thing, but the embarrassed laugh was the best part of that rose ceremony. Jillian, you win girl of the night. 
  14. Britt, I'm still rooting for you. 
Who are all of you pulling for? The virgin? The widow? The mother? Tell me your thoughts? 
Also, who would you vote girl of the rose ceremony? 


  1. looks like we are on the same wave length today! and I think I thought all of the same things, yikes. Can't stop watching!

    1. I wish it was something I could off, but I literally wait for Mondays just for the bachelor. That's embarrassing. I shouldn't tell people that. PS Happy Birthday!

  2. I am still rooting for Britt. Was Jordan ever not drunk during that episode?

    1. Britt is just too adorable. And no, I'm pretty sure drunk is her MO. :)


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