The Bachelor: Season 19: 5 things I learned while watching the Bach + an update!

January 20, 2015

The Bachelor provides a pretty expansive wealth of knowledge. Things the girls say, things Chris says and we can't forget all of Chris Harrison's wonderful quotes. For example things I've learne, drinking to the point of drunkenness will get you a rose. Telling the guy you're dating he has a huge nose, will get you a rose. Dressing in white lace and being a WWE diva will not get you a rose. But onto week 3, here are five things I learned while watching the Bach and an update for those of you who missed the last couple episodes! 

  1. If you're the bachelor, famous people are forced to hang out with you or be a guest on the show. So, if you want to meet famous people, become the next bachelor or bachelorette. 
  2. If you can shop at Costco and be a fun girl on a "real life" date with cameras, producers and someone else's money, you will get a rose. 
  3. Goat milk straight off the teet is warm and salty. Ew.
  4. Accessories are a must at a bachelor pool party. If you don't have a headband, sarong, false lashes, high heels or a super sad story, you lose. 
  5. Kissing = confidence? Apparently not for everyone, see Ashley I for reference. 

SPOLIER ALERT: The girls who didn't play it right and got eliminated are: Tracey, Amber and Trina. Better luck next time ladies.16 down, 14 to go! Let's do this.


  1. Was it just me or did they mostly just suck face and not really talk much? Don't know what to say, "that's okay - Juan Pablo style) we'll just make out. Haha! The comment about the goat milk totally had me laughing so hard! I don't think she realized how that sounded.

    1. I'm pretty sure the whole episode consistent of sideways glances between the girls and making out. And where was Ashley S and all her ramblings. Maybe next week we can expect some dialog. And no more Jimmy Kimmel!

  2. This show is pure reality TV gold! Love your weekly recaps!

    1. Such a fun/entertaining show! Glad you love the recaps!!


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