The Bachelor: Season 19: The 6 best quotes from the Bachelor.

January 27, 2015

One of the best parts about the Bachelor are all the hilarious and stupid things the girls say and this season is no exception. Not only is Chris full of quotes and perfectly posed stares but the girls are equally full of crap. Here are my favorite 6 quotes from The Bachelor, Episode 4.

1. "Do you believe in aliens?" I think we can all agree it's time for Mackenzie to go home. Ps. This picture is from the Bachelor facebook, you can blame them for not knowing how to spell 'believe.' 

2. "I want to be myself so bad, but I'm so shy with him." Cue Ashley I. taking off her bikini top.

3. "What are you? What are you? I know you're a scorpio, but I don't care about that. Look at the moon. Its so weird to me and we're sitting here, like that's weird to me. <insert her kissing him, twice> I mean, I just love you Chris, I love everything about you, I know that sounds crazy. I actually do feel like that. I hope that resonates within your mind tonight. You do't have to say anything, in regards that." Ashley S. aka onion girl.

4. "Are her muscles bigger than Chris?" There was something else Carly compared after this, but this is a family blog, I'll leave that to your google search :) 

5. "If this doesn't work, I might be a little concerned about my potential in life." -Chris. Oh dear Chris, I hate to break it to you, but if Josh and Andi can't make it work, then I'm pretty sure all future bachelor relationships are doomed. But cheers, best wishes, my advice? Get Ashley I and Ashley S outa here. But hey, way to throw down the hammer.

6. "Her mouth is not a virgin." Oh Carly, you've got all the quotes today.

Spoiler Alert: Those cut this week: Ashley S (onion girl), Juelia and Nikki. 


  1. This makes me want to watch the bachelor! It sounds like a mass of amusing quotes.

  2. Ashley S is a whole 'nother world of crazy! She was entertaining though.


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