The Bachelorette; Season 12: Episode 2 -- The Men.

June 1, 2016

Sorry I'm a day late folks. Yesterday, we celebrated the life of a wonderful grandfather and I wasn't ready to watch the Bachelorette or post about it.

Thank you for all your kind words yesterday, you all are too good to me.

It's June, it's Wednesday, so let's talk JoJo.

I understand that the Bachelor is an over-produced reality tv show. But.. can we talk about the limo that blew up, followed by JoJo in a firefighter outfit. Sure, she looked hot, per usual, but people -- come on.

How much do you think they had to pay the guy leading the firefighting academy?

Today, I think we need to break down the men. I know we're only in week two, so I'll give you some clues to the men.

Chad: Do we even need to discuss Chad and the suitcase weight belt? I mean. He's like every token villain we've seen before, Lace from Ben's season, Kalon from Emily's season, Courtney from Ben's (the wine ben) season -- I mean we could go on and on. But, I'm thinking Chad might take the cake. He's pretty much the worst.

Wells: I'm really sorry that you almost passed out, but I think this "I'm so nervous around you" schtick is going to get old very fast. JoJo is too bold for you if that's your MO, it wont get you very far.. Such a freaking sympathy rose, that's pathetic. 

Luke: Props to you forgetting so close to winning time with JoJo, but you lost, let's move on. We already know you're in the top three.

Grant: Congrats, you won. But you won while participating in a game that is your job, sooooo. Anyways, JoJo seems to dig ya.

Derek: (1st one-on-one): Does anyone else think he looks like John Krazinski from the Office. That is all I can see when I look at him. Their date was cute though, props.

JoJo has to stop talking about Ben.

Alex: You're sweet, but it's not happening. Good on you for sticking up for JoJo though. And, have you watched this show before? Do you not know that calling people out (aka Chad) will get you sent home.

Nick B: I like your shower touchdown dance. That was funny.

"Starting off a little naggy" Yikes.

James Taylor: The singing was cute -- it's not anymore, but you are. The letter, I take back what I said. You are the sweetest. I don't think you'll win, but I'm rooting for you.

Chad: My god. JoJo, how are you falling for this? I hate that ABC loves people like Chad. It's too much And, anyone who's seen this show knows he will stay on until about episode 5 and then JoJo will realize how horrible he is.

Chase: You little Colorado bun, you. Keep doing what you're doing. Top 3 baby.

The guy who got drunk and jumped in the pool last week: It's funny that he's saying everyone else is treating it like a game and isn't serious... um. you were wearing a bro-tank 30 minutes earlier and you got wasted the first night. You are a joke.

Anyways, this episode was a little blah for me. Pretty cool that she got to go on ESPN. But based on the previews, I'm dying for next week.

Today we said goodbye to: James, Will and & Brandon -- better luck next time. And, if we learned anything, next time is a good possibility.

Until next week! PS -- how are those brackets coming?
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  1. Yes, she needs to stop saying "I want the love Ben and Lauren have" because that is really weird.... she is bringing him up a lot... either because she isn't over him, or the producers want to remind everyone watching how great Ben's love story was and they are telling her to keep mentioning him!! It's bugging me.

  2. I love your roundups/recaps so much! Okay I don't get Chad and I agree.. she talks about Ben SO much. I feel like she's still so in love with him... I love Chase. I'm seriously in love with him.

    The Fashionista's Diary

  3. I love James and Jordan! I am so ready for Chad to leave!

    Amanda ||

  4. I have so many favorites right now! All I know is that Chad and Danielle need to get out haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  5. I love your recaps. Once again, I'm behind on this show but will probably catch up when it's down to 4 of them (what I always do). I'm not sure if that's fair for me to judge and make my pick then or not but I always get so stressed with the first few episodes - so many weirdos! ha!


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