Keebos Crossbody Phone Case

May 29, 2020

Happy Fridayyyyy friends! This week has freaking flown, and now we're at the end of May and before we know it, June will be here! And then guys before we know it, it'll be July and I'll be having my second kid. Holy crap. Can you tell where my head has been at lately? Absolutely spinning. Time is moving at both the fastest rate and yet so slow... but then again, I digress.

Let's chat Keebos. I'm super pumped about this product today. I had never heard of Keebos before but when I saw it helps keeps you hands free, and it was cute, I was hooked. Quarantine has Quinnie and I going on a LOT of walks, like a LOT. It's how we get out of the house. We just started doing what we call "walk-walks" where Quinnie doesn't sit in a stroller but instead she walks herself! It never fails, within 10 minutes, she wants to be held. Well, what is a pregnant mom to do with her huge baby bump, cell phone, and now a 30 pound toddler in her hands. Que, Keebos

This sweet little crossbody phone holder is the perfect solution. It's super cute, durable, and so light. Guys, it's a cute phone case with a strap. Oh, and did I mention Eva Longoria loves it too! 

Plus, they are a company who is focused on doing good. For each Keebos purchased, they help plant a tree through their partner organization One Tree Planted. A 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. They strongly believe that individuals and businesses can do their part to help protect and preserve the environment. With their One-for-One program they aim to do their part to protect the planet. 

With our support for reforestation, they can accomplish six significant environmental impacts: 

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