Pregnancy: Nausea Remedies

May 4, 2020

Being pregnant is a joy, but let's be real, not everything that comes with pregnancy feels like joy. Nausea being one of them. More than 50% of pregnant women will deal with nausea throughout their pregnancy.

With both of my pregnancies, I never threw up, god bless. But man alive, I was nauseas. Honestly, the smells made my nausea worse. So dang terrible. With Quinn, it started the second I peed on the pregnancy stick. With baby #2, it hit me hard around 6 weeks. My morning sickness actually presented itself around 5pm and lasted until I went to bed. I couldn't stomach anything, even food I was craving! My favorite pizza - sick. Chicken - even worse.

The bright light with morning sickness, it usually goes away when you hit your second trimester. For me. I really started noticing a difference around 13-16 weeks. For some, it will linger, and for the rare, it lasts your entire pregnancy. But have no fear, while you're dealing with it, there are some remedies!

1. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Sometimes this sounds counterintuitive because eating/foods/smells sound terrible. But having an empty stomach actually makes it worse. Try small, meals throughout the day. Or have snacks - plain crackers, toast, cereal, or something bland. I literally had to eat the second I woke up or else I felt terrible. Don't be afraid to eat. It will help.

2. Try ginger. Ginger has been known to settle your stomach. Ginger tea, ginger chews, or ginger ale (my personal fav, extra, extra cold, with lots of ice). My best friend recommended these chews to me, and I loved them!

3. Try preggo pops! I never tried these, but my best friend said she used them. She said it helped a little, but it really helped get that nausea flavor out of her mouth! Another trick that we both used, sour candies!

4. Change up your prenatal vitamin (or the time you take them). A common thing you hear is that your prenatal vitamins can make you nauseas. There are so many options, feel free to switch it up! And, take it at night, on a full stomach. I take this prenatal, Whitney takes this one!

5. Take a walk. I know, walking when you are nauseas sounds kind of terrible, but fresh air and getting your body moving will really help. Exercise throughout your pregnancy will go in waves. Maybe during your first trimester, HIIT workouts won't be your friends, but nice walks will be.

6. Acupuncture. I never tried this, but I have heard that it works wonders!

7. Sleep. This is easier said than done, but sleep when your body tells you to sleep. Sleep extra a night, take naps if you can, sleep.

8. Stay hydrated! You're pregnant, you should already be drinking extra. But try drinking even more during the time your nausea hits. Add lemon. Warm it up. Add ice.

9. Talk to your doctor. If you can't keep food down, can't function, are throwing up all the time, have cramping, call your doctor. There are meds you can take to help you through this stage!

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