What's in my hospital bag, round two.

May 1, 2020

When I sat down to pack my hospital bag last time, I had no freaking clue what 2 days in the hospital would look like. I didn't know that my shower would be the size of a dime and my bathroom would be more of a war zone than a peaceful spa.

I didn't realize that pants, regardless of how "comfy" they are, would never be comfortable. Delivery is messy, and therefore cute fuzzy slippers are NOT ideal. And, taking a 3 minute shower will actually be the best shower of your life.

I lived through delivery and a hospital stay, as will all of you, so hopefully I can help provide some clarity to your hospital bag packing dilemma.

I kept this picture because this is my first criticism of my initial hospital bag. 

Kristen, bring a freaking bag that ISN'T white and that zips, for heavens sake. I don't know how I thought bringing a cute (small) bag was a good idea. Next time I'm bringing this Longchamp bag because it has a shoulder strap, it zips, and it's nylon (aka I can wipe it down). 

Below you'll find a printable checklist to help you prepare!If you're like me, or Monica from Friends, you love a good CHECK! 

  • Insurance Card: The non-fun part of going to a hospital. Make sure it's in your wallet, hospital bag or wherever you won't forget.
  • Flip flops or sandals: I love the Arizona Birkenstocks because they are basically rubber so I can clean them, but SO comfortable. They are also adjustable and if you are like me, your feet were so swollen so being able to expand them and then tighten them was key.
  • Pillow: I'm partial to my good pillow. This was key. 
  • Iphone charger and Cell phone: Duh. My gf told me to buy an extra long charger so you make sure it reaches your hospital bed. This was amazing for both during labor (theres a lot of waiting around okay) and then after! You're taking a lot of pictures, returning texts and calls, don't want your phone to die! 
  • Toiletries: These are the things you may not need but will make you feel better. I was very excited to take a shower once we got into our room. Quinn was asleep, I had just nursed her and I had like 15 minutes. It may seem a little vain, but I even threw on a little makeup. Those 15 minutes to myself made me feel so much better. I put on a new, clean PJ dress and robe, and it was magic. My toiletries were shampoo, conditioner, lotion, chapstick, hair ties(!), a little makeup, extra contacts, glasses, and my own towel.
  • Robe: Have I told you how much I love robes yet? Sometimes, I would just have on those cute mesh panties and this robe. You're pulling your boob out a lot to nurse, okay. I just bought this super cute one from Milkmaid Goods and baby girl has a matching swaddle because CUTE
  • Undies: Last time I brought undies, you don't need to do that. You're in pads. But, if you want some for recovery at home, I love these.  Cue, dark colored Hanes
  • Nursing Bra: I still wear these nursing bras. Even though I am not currently nursing. The nice thing is they have an expander so as your boobs get huge (which they will), it can grow with you. These bras are magic okay?  
  • Nursing cover: I have a bunch of 'cute' nursing covers but this one is the best. It's not the cutest, but it works so good.
  • Going home outfit: Keep it comfy and loose (you'll be wearing a pad). Aka, a PJ dress and your sandals. 

  • Going home outfit: Baby girl has the cutest little onesie. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but this will be the first time you take your baby home. I wanted it to be memorable. 
  • Carseat: Most hospitals will check your car seat before you leave to make sure it's perfect. I love my UPPA Baby carseat (and stroller).
  • Onesies: I brought a few extra, but for the most part I kept her in her diaper and swaddle. 
  • Swaddle: I brought a matching one to me and just another muslin blanket. Honestly, I used the hospital blankets most of the time!
  • BoppyFor breastfeeding! I actually sent my mom home to go get this! 
  • PacifierJust in case. But the hospital gave me newborn ones! 
  • Burp Cloths: I'm using this so I can bring them home to the dogs before we come home. I heard it helps with the transition. 
Secret about this onesie - it was newborn size and Quinn was 8.8 pounds, 
aka she did NOT fit in to newborn sizes - sooo, maybe bring multiple sizes! 

Tell me, what did you put in your hospital bag? What is something you packed that you didn't use? Or wish you would have packed? 

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