Blogtober Day 11. If you were president...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11. If you were president...

Can I be real for a second? I would never want to be president. Is that a copout? Sure, being president would be cool for like 10 minutes. You get to live in the White House, get paid pretty good money and people see you on TV every day. I like the idea that I would get to stand up for people, ideas and my country. I love America. But lately, it seems like standing up for those ideas is not what being President is about. It's about a whole mess of other things and since I don't like being political on my blog, I'm not going to be. In reality, I'm probably too strong willed, opinionated and definitely too emotional to be president. Plus, I really don't like being hated for what I believe in. And, have you seen the grey hair that Obama has? No thanks. I'll stick to my blonde hair, semi-stress free life and maybe one day I'll share those opinions, beliefs and ideas on Fox News. Just you wait. For now, we'll leave it up to the Kid President, he seems to have this whole thing handled. And he gives the world hugs. I'd vote for him.  

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