Weekends are fun!

October 16, 2014

Weekends are so much more fun when you work during the week. Pre-job, weekends were fine. I mean, I got to hang out with Adam more, but other than that my daily life didn't change much. Working Kristen makes weekends that much more fun! Adam and I have been taking advantage of our weekends and spending a good portion of them in the mountains. Before we headed up the mountain, we stopped at Red Mango for some fro-yo. Pumpkin swirled with vanilla, yes please! Saturday afternoon we ventured up to Grand Lake, Colorado. Adam's best friend was up there with his girlfriend and what a perfect excuse to escape for the night. We cooked a delicious (paleo!) dinner, drank copious amounts of wine and took a million pictures. Sunday morning we got caught in a snowstorm on our drive back, which just topped off a perfect weekend. I hope you all had fabulous weekends too!
pumpkin & vanilla fro-yo, mochi, granola, yogurt chips and some peanut butter cups. 
aka, the ultimate cheat meal. 
What's a mountain trip without a fur hat, poncho's from a truck stop and puffy vests
the gorgeous view from our cabin. 
our wine mugs at the cabin. 
more fur hats
snow storms! (sorry for the bad pic, it was a iPhone!) 

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