Guest Post: The 7 Worst Things About #Fall

October 28, 2014

All of you in blogland are in for such a great treat today and I am so excited about this post! I've been wanting to do a "guest post" for a long time now and I think this is the perfect post to start with. A little bit about Britt before you get to her perfectly timed-blog. Britt and I met in our first year of law school. Turns out we were both Kappas in college, however that is only one of the many things we have in common. She is hilarious, sarcastic, the best listener and did I mention gorgeous? I'm lucky to have her as my best, bridesmaid and now guest blogger. I hate to keep you waiting, so without further ado, Britt's post: 
It is no secret that my general demographic is obsessed with #fall and all related products and experiences. I don’t hate fall by any means. However, I have some serious concerns about this fall obsession and feel that my peers have been overlooking the following issues:
  1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes: The #PSL is basically barf in a cup. As someone who lovingly awaits the “Christmas” cup at Starbucks each year, I can appreciate a hot cup of coffee or latte now and again. But everyone knows that the only reason anyone orders a #PSL is to post a pensive picture to Instagram. 
  2. Fall candles: Fall candles are such a mixed bag for me. I love how the perfect cinnamon/vanilla candles make my house smell, but 9/10 times, instead, I buy a disgusting sugary candle by accident and then it sits under my sink until I throw it away during Spring Cleaning. 
  3. Allergies: Ahhhh allergies. In Nebraska, and never being more than 2 miles away from a cornfield, allergies are abundant. So in addition to me not feeling great without constant Zyrtec, everyone around me is constantly sneezing and not covering their mouth. Cute. 
  4. Carving Pumpkins: This is the “best in theory, worst in practice” fall-related activity. Sure, it’s fun going to a pumpkin patch and finding the perfect $10 gourd. But carving it? Yuck. The knives are never sharp enough, actually carving is just not fun, and then you have a huge mess. Also, I never have the proper candle to light it up so I usually end up using a citronella candle leftover from summer which is sad. 
  5. Weather/Boots/Scarves Dilemma: Nothing is as great as pulling out your favorite #boots and #scarves post-summer… Except when it is still 80 degrees and almost November. Is it so much to ask to have some clear, crisp, 58 degree days before the temperature plummets and the snow ruins my boots?
  6. Halloween Costumes: Don’t even get me started on professional adults dressing up in slutty/stupid costumes. 
  7. WINTER: Probably the most overlooked aspect of fall is that it is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from WINTER. The most dreaded months almost everywhere, but especially the Midwest. Goodbye sun and happiness, hello freezing temperatures, bad drivers, and ice.

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  1. Cute guest blog Britt!! I expect to see more of you here and maybe one of your own soon?? :)


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