44 Years Together & all the things I learned from my parents.

June 24, 2016

Today my parents have been married for 44 years. Let that sink in for a minute. In a world where we celebrate 72 day marriages, "making" it to 44 is quite amazing. I don't take for granted for one minute that I am able to live in a world where my parents are married.

My parents started dating when they were 16 year old little buns, which not to age them, marks 50 years together. To say they've set an impossible standard for a relationship and marriage is an understatement, but together they've proven that life can be done, happily, with a partner.

When I was 16, I looked at the person I was dating and under the impossible standard of my parents thought I had to get married. Thank the lord that wasn't the case, but I knew I wanted what they had. A love that would span my entire adult life. Someone to walk hand in hand with through all the amazing times and through some pretty bad times.

My parents have successfully (think what you want) raised three kids, a grand kid, lots of fur babies and have given everything for their marriage and their kids. They've moved to 4 different states, different houses, schools, and here they are.

I've learned a lot from my parents both individually and together.

My mom taught me how to be kind and compassionate and to love everyone. My dad taught me to be strong and independent and that I should never stop striving for greatness.

I'll be forever grateful for those things, but the greatest of those, are the things they taught me without them knowing, just by watching the two of them together.
  • I learned that life is so much better with a partner. 
  • I learned that a marriage isn't just romantic, but it's work. It's strength. It's encouragement. It's laughing. It's traveling. It's growing independently and dependently. 
  • I learned that if you both like Fox News, you'll be set. 
  • I learned that you can still have inside jokes from the past, even if the past if 44 years young. 
  • I learned that married people love to dance. You should see my parents on the dance floor.
  • Traveling and having your vacation spot is important. (See, Lake Tahoe in 3 weeks). 
  • I've learned that if you love like they do, people gravitate toward you. My parents are loved by so many. There is nothing better then your friends telling you how much they love and respect your parents. 
  • Bickering is actually a form of endearment. 
  • I've learned that sometimes when one person is going through a tough time, the other automatically becomes stronger. It's like a beating heart. One side takes the reigns when the other is struggling. 
  • I've learned that raising kids was a part of my parents lives, but not their whole lives. They're still their own, even though they would do anything for us.
  • 1970's weddings were way cooler. 
  • I've learned that putting God first in your marriage is the only way for it to thrive. 

This one is dedicated to my parents who taught me to find the one I love and never let him go. To keep fighting for love everyday and to work at it every day. Marriage is a day in day out kind of thing, not something you let coast. Thank you for inspiring and supporting Adam and I in our marriage. We're at year one, but cannot wait until we're at year 44.

I hope you are celebrating with sushi, mom a glass of wine and dad a gin and tonic. We cannot wait to cheers to you in Tahoe in few weeks.

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  1. What a sweet example! Happy anniversary to them!

  2. This is so sweet, I love it! A great example, indeed!

  3. Thanks sweetie! Made me cry, but a good cry.


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