The Bachelorette; Season 12: Episode 5 - All the gossip.

June 21, 2016

I have to start this post by saying that last Wednesday when I was at the Freebird stores in Cherry Creek mall that I saw Lauren Bushnell. For those of who you don't know who that is, Lauren is engaged to Ben Higgins (aka the best bachelor in history). She was so tiny and cute and I was so nervous. I just wanted to take a picture with her, but instead I froze and tweeted about it later

Anyways. Lauren Bushnell, you're a babe and your ring is huge.

Next, while this episode is heavily focused on Chad coming back to the guys house, whistling, I just read on US Weekly, that Chad is dating Robby's ex-girlfriend and Instagramming pictures of them. Oh, and on the subject of Chad, did you know he bought the domain names of Alex, Jordan and Joelle. He uses their domain (www.alex[lastname].com and routes it to his Instagram. If that doesn't prove he was there for the wrong reasons, I don't know what does.

Now, that we've caught up on all the Bachelorette related news, lets get to the episode. Wait that's it? I thought he [Chad] was going to kill someone. 

Let's break down the guys:

Evan: Am I the only one who is ready to see Evan go home? He is so dull and whiny. Every time he speaks, he breeds drama and it's the worst. That guy needs to go home.

Chase: You are a little bun. I really want to play with those big inflatable balls. PS go Chase, I love you.  I think the guys are going to start realizing that you are a front runner.

Alex: We get it. You think that you are hot shit because you "got rid of Chad" but let me be the one to set the record straight. You sent the most controversial, interesting and ridiculous person home and you will not win. Period.

Luke: Your accent makes everything sound better, even if you are confessing your love to her. She adores you. Keep up the good work, keep staying out of the drama (aka Alex).

James: Your poem made me feel awkward and I think it made JoJo feel the same way.

Jordan: I'm really sorry your ex-gf keeps bashing you on Instagram, but I'm a little nervous that she may be on to something. But hey, JoJo loves kissing you so keep it up.

Let's get rid of some people: James (I told you the poem didn't work) & Daniel (yes, your personality sucks)

Jordan: This is the part in the season when everyone starts realizing that Jordan is a front-runner. Cue the shit talking. This is when all the guys start freaking out because they realize that JoJo and Jordan would make gorgeous babies. These guys need to cool it, they knew what they signed up for. The first I'm falling in love! We're finally getting to the good part!

Vinny: I don't think he's going to win, but I think he's a little bun. Hey boys, when are you going to learn that InTouch is the fakest magazine out there. This is crazy. And, I thought you werent' allowed to have "outside paraphernalia." Get it together.

Now, none of them are worried about JoJo, but hours ago, they were all so concerned. Either way, her ex Chad sounds like kind of a slimeball. Wanna see what he looks like? Here's a pic and the article.

This sands killing thing looks so cool! But can you imagine how much sand she has in her skinny jeans?

Luke: Either you are very genuine, or you've seen this show before and know exactly what to say. I'm hoping it's the first.

------> what do you think JoJo drinks? If I were the Bachelorette, I would request champs on the reg. It appears that she likes her poison a little stronger..

John Krazinski (Derek): There is always one who starts to get super paranoid and nervous. He is the one that will tell JoJo every single time he sees her that he's nervous and this is so weird to him.

Alex: You are boring. See above.

Robby: I think he's had the best date so far. I would love to be the one who just eats to tour the city that you are in. Him saying I love you already is a little too much. He's a little too much for me. Do we think he's being for real? I just can't tell. Pump the brakes Robbo. This is your first date and that was a huge red flag. Damn, I'm bored.

Let's kick some more people off: Vinny, Evan and Grant. Oh Vinny, you are very sweet.

That was a boring episode. Anyone else bored? Let's be done with this week. Until next week peeps.

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  1. This episode was filmed at Nemacolin Resort in PA. The owner's son went to NYU film school with my daughter. A group just spent a week at this luxurious place filming. Small world!

  2. Ahhh I just want more Luke and James T! And yes, Robby said I love you way too soon! Still, I can't wait for next week! xD

    xx, Amanda

  3. omg you are so on point with these guys haha i was thinking the exact same thing. i def say luke and jordan will be in the final 4. I'm not sure about the other 2...

  4. Unlike you, I so love James T haha. Probably because he's from my hometown. I'm glad Evan finally went home and was slightly surprised that she kept Wells around.

    xoxo, Jenny

    1. Also, I am an idiot because you meant James the one who went home...haha I didn't even remember that guys name. My bad.

  5. Ugh, Alex is getting so annoying! First, he was all about Chad and how awful he is. Now, he suddenly hates Derek and Jordan. Basically, any sort of competition turns him into a little child. Oh, and I am so glad you referred to Derek as John Krasinski, because hello. Twins.

  6. Loved reading this! So on point! I think Robby said he loves her too soon too. Alex is getting on my nerves and I'm not sure I like him anymore. Evan was bugging me to so I'm glad he went home!

    Doused In Pink

  7. I have never watched the show. Is that crazy? haha. How awesome that you ran into one of the bachelorettes. Next time, say hello. ;)

  8. I haven't watched this episode yet so I skipped that part but OH MY GOODNESS YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID HI TO LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I haven't watched this episode yet so I skipped that part but OH MY GOODNESS YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID HI TO LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I am lol-ing because I agree with everything you said! Ugh I was so happy to see Evan hit the road. Is it just be or are the guys just extra fratty this season? Annoying.


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