The Bachelorette; Season 12: Episode 6 - That time I met the Bachelor*

June 28, 2016

Here's where the asterisk comes in -- I have to preface this post with a little story. Saturday night Adam and I saw Jason Aldean in concert. When we were waiting for him to come on, Adam says to me, "Isn't that Chase from the Bachelorette - the one from our neighborhood?"

And, my friends, my husband was right! There was *Chase, my top 3 front-runner taking pictures. Since last week I chickened out when I saw Lauren, I was not going to let this time slip. Grabbed my self phone and ran to get a selfie.

He took the first selfie, which was bad -- see above. Then I told him I think he wins and I showed him how to take a better selfie -- see below. Oh, then when I was waiting for a beer, we took a snapchat video and he bought me a beer.

Guys, he is so nice and as cute as you think he is in person. When I told him I think he wins, I couldn't tell what he thought because he had reflective aviators on. Think Chris Harrison makes him wear those? Let's do this Chase, I still think you win.

"I'm looking for my unicorn." -JoJo

On to the episode. Have any of you been to Buenos Aires? I have always wanted to go -- this episode just confirms my desire to go, it looks beautiful!

Sidenote: I think the Bachelor gods heard me when I said last week was boring. This week, the Bachelorette is way better.

Why are the boys so shocked that Wells hasn't kissed JoJo? He has been less than relevant this entire season and if we'e being honest, I'm shocked he got a one-on-one. I always thought wandering the streets of a city you're in would be sooo dang fun, but Wells is proving this is anything but fun, but instead incredibly boring. DID ANYONE SEE THAT AWKWARD CHEEK KISS? I cannot. Wells, next. Bye Wells. (Cue the dramatic producer grabbing his suitcase exit).

On to the group date. This guy needs to grow a little confidence (referring to James T).

Here's my theory on James Taylor. I think James Taylor is the littlest bun there ever was. But here is my thing with James Taylor. I think this is JoJo's personality on and off the show. Sure, it's a little overdone because she's the lead, but I think she's outgoing and fun, obviously beautiful. And James, if he wants to be with her long term, needs to figure his confidence out. Being shy is cute for a while, but JoJo is going to be famous after this nod she needs someone who is confident to handle that and her.

Okay --- rant over. She loves Luke. Cue the heavy breathing. Oh Derek, your confidence is unwarranted.

Hey James, when will you learn that talking shit about the other contestants will not bode well for your chances with the lead. I feel bad for Jordan. I cannot tell if he is a good guy, but I feel sad for him that he is constantly questioned and picked on. That has to be exhausting just because he's pretty and has a famous sibling. Stop, Jordan almost crying.

Derek, I honestly feel like everything about you is fake. I feel like you know exactly what to say and how to act and it's all a show. I hope you go home. "I'm falling for you." "I appreciate that." Let's compare that to when Luke said something similar and she sad "I love seeing you." Ew Derek.

"That reason is to be with you, that reason is to leave with you." Chase killing the game. PS look at that little bun face.

See ya John Krazinsk. These guys are so sensitive, Derek why are you crying? 


Alright next week, let's do this. I'm cited because that means she just has to cut extra people. Who do you think is going home?

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  1. OMG I'm so jealous #1 you got to meet Chase, and #2 even better, it was at a Jason Aldean concert!! I don't know why I didn't have Chase moving on any further, but I'm starting to think he goes much further. Oh how she loves her some Luke though!! I have him til the end :)

  2. Ok so I'm pretty sure just by saying this it guarantees that you will not want to be my friend... but I have never watched the Bachelorette. :( It sounds like so much gossip and I know if I watched it I would get so irrationally upset if they didn't choose who I wanted.

  3. Seriously how attractive are these men... I can only imagine them in real life! Last weeks episode was totally boring so thank you for straightening that out with the Bachelor forces that be! haha!

  4. I can't believe you met Chase!!! I saw your snapchat video. I didn't know that he lived in your neighborhood?? What a crazy small world. PS. I'm kind of Team Luke or Robby.

  5. This is awesome. What a very cool run in and way to go for getting the shots. I love that. Now I have to tune in to find out who wins!

  6. "Think Chris Harrison makes him wear those?" HAHA! That's actually kind of genius!


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