Throwback Thursday: My best friend is married.

June 23, 2016

So, my best friend has been married for 11 days, which means it's absolutely time for throwback Thursday post with everything wedding. A few Fridays ago, we ventured to Charlottesville, Virginia to celebrate #MattandCotisayIdo.

I shared with you her engagement, her Bachelorette Party (10 Tips), we talked about Bridal Showers (gold balloons are a must), we spent 18 hours together, I told her what I wanted her to know on her wedding day. Well, now it's time to talk wedding.

Have you ever been to Charlottesville, Virginia? I never had been before either. It's about a hundred miles south of Washington DC, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thomas Jefferson is from there and you can even visit his home at Monticello.  Or, with a short 30 minute drive from Charlottesville is Montpelier, the home of James Madison.

Charlottesville is also home to University of Virginia, tons of amazing restaurants, wineries, cute hotels and shops. Think I'm trying to sell you on Charlottesville? Well, I am. One trip and I'm in love.

If you ever go, here is what I suggest doing while you are there. As always, picture evidence is to follow.
  1. Have a best friend get married in Charlottesville. (It helps if the couple is a STUNNER too) 
  2. Have your best friend get married at a vineyard there.  I suggest Pippin Hill, but the cool thing, there are over 30 vineyards in the area. 
  3. Make sure your best friends has other best friends you can become best friends with. 
  4. Dance.
  5. Smooch. (This one is more bride and groom, but you get it!)
  6. Take pictures in sunsets. 
  7. Eat delicious BBQ - you are in the south ya'll. The Whiskey Jar is amazing. 
  8. Walk the mall. 
  9. Make sure there is a rehearsal dinner at an amazing restaurant. I suggest The Local
  10. Use snapchat and boomerang
  11. Drink champagne.
  12. Photo booths are always cool. 
See, I told you they are stunners. 
Vineyard weddings are the best weddings.
Finding your soul sister in your best friends best friend. 
the perfect first dance by the perfect couple.
Sunset lighting is the best lighting.
The Whiskey Jar, do it, you'll love it.
the mall - it used to be main street. Pretty cool huh.
The Local and the most stunning couple.
Champs & best friends.

To Matt and Coti: Thanks for picking such an incredible place to get married and for inviting all of us to join you. It really was the best time ever, when are we going back? To you two, your love is incredible. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in the many years to come. You two are a perfect couple and the past ten years created the most wonderful evening. <3

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  1. So beautiful! I have been to that very vineyard helping coordinate a wedding - it was probably the most picturesque wedding I've ever been to. Charlottesville is so fun and quiet, and has its quirky side too. I'd love to visit a few of the vineyards around there to actually sample some of the wine! Your pics are gorgeous, and I love your tips - become best friends with your best friend's best friends :)

  2. You are so sweet to share this. My best friend got married in April and I still can't believe it. Such a beautiful wedding! (my friends and yours :) )

  3. Love it! I've driven through that area a bunch! I haven't spent too much time there, but have done hiking and other such things in that area. It's beautiful. We were on a farm in Frederick, MD that same weekend.

  4. What a sweet post! I went in 5th grade as part of our DC trip but I don't remember too much.

    xoxo, Jenny


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